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We Have Star Wars @ Home

A bundle hosted by Jumpgate Games with content from downloadagoat, Jumpgate Games, riley rethal
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This bundle ended 2024-06-01T04:00:00Z.

Do you think you can tell Star Wars better than Star Wars? We do! That's why we made these games.

With the We Have Star Wars @ Home bundle, you can play out your favorite parts of the Star Wars universe—or at least, something that resembles it—and tell the stories you wish Star Wars would tell. To help you, this bundle gives you the following 40% off! In addition, every $10 extra that paid above the $20 price adds a free community copy to every game that people who can't afford them can claim!

  • galactic 2e: a GM-less, belonging outside belonging TTRPG by riley rethal, inspired by the main Star Wars trilogies
  • going rogue 2e: a GM-less, belonging outside belonging TTRPG based on galactic 2e, by Jess Levine, inspired by Rogue One & Andor, and winner of the CRIT Awards Best GMless Game of the Year
  • the scum & villains expansion: an expansion for galactic 2e by Jess Levine, inspired by The Mandalorian, Solo, and other crime stories, made
  • galactic: cyberpunk: a cyberpunk expansion for galactic 2e  made by riley rethal, creator of galactic
  • PLANET CIS: a Star Wars roleplaying game of comedic battle droid combat for 4-6 people, by M Wilk, inspired by Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2005)
  • Space Trio: a PbtA Star Wars roleplaying game for 3 players and 1 GM, by M Wilk, inspired by the main trilogies

So get out there, and like any decent Star Wars fan: tell the stories you love, and fix the ones you don't!*

* Did you know that the Jedi kidnap children and that's fucked up actually? And don't even get us started on the "good side of the Force in which you're a sexless ascetic who denies your feelings " / "dark side of the Force in which you recognize that you have emotions" binary...

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

a game of rebellion, relationships, and war among the stars.
an expansion for galactic 2e for cyberpunk stories
a gm-less ttrpg inspired by rogue one, about war, rebellion, and making the ultimate sacrifice
Star Wars, Powered by the Apocalypse
a black market galactic 2e expansion of crime, corruption, and the chance of redemption
The Clone Wars, PLANET FIST-style