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Rainbow Violence Prevention Network TTRPG fundraiser

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This bundle ended 2024-04-29T11:59:59Z.

This bundle is organized by KiwiRPG to raise funds for the Rainbow Violence Prevention Network, a collaborative group of organisations that aims to reduce sexual and domestic violence against the rainbow community.

Valued at nearly $70, you can get almost 80% off this collection of 27 amazing ttrpgs for a diverse range of authors and support a great cause. All funds raised of proceeds go to the RVPN.

This bundle runs from April 18th-29th (NZT).

Includes the following items:

At $15.00 or above

A Carta game about hacking
A role-playing game in seven questions.
Monster of the Week haunted house mystery
A gothic horror ttrpg adventure for 5e or FATE
A game for adults experiencing childhood again, right this time
A spooky, silly TTRPG for investigating Kiwi weirdness
A Storage Unit Auction Parody TTRPG On One Page by Ian Mauldin
Strike the earth. Curse the elves. Drink Heavily.
A one page TTRPG that ends when two characters meet.
An intro adventure for Into the Odd
A gothic fairy tale ttrpg
A character creation tool for any ttrpg
A 5e micro-supplement about vampire lairs
An appalachian inspired adventure made for Cairn
Explore the Void. Document your findings. Get home safely.
One Pager TTRPG about some funky Druids getting their forest back from a pie merchant!
Role Playing
A Mallcrawl Odyssey About Credit Cards and Escalators
An artificer sub-class
A slapstick romp about an unlikely hero!
silly creatures for stress relief
A new class for DnD 5e.