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Tags Hopping Spring Bundle

A bundle hosted by Ansel games with content from 50 creators.
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This bundle ended 2024-04-30T23:00:00Z.

What does 'hopping' signify: Jumping into a new realm of possibility and new beginnings. 

Welcome to The Hopping Spring Bundle hosted by Bundle Everywhere

What We Got for you:

  • 83 Digital Games
  • 12 Physical Games [TTRPGS]
  • 2 Comics
  • 9 Books

NOTE: Includes 3 Steam Keys- Trapers Platformer, Pixi Poxi Autorunner Lab, Veranoia Horror

Some Interesting titles are:

Blank Relish [Digital Game]:

Embark on a journey alongside Private Marian, who lost everything during his crash on an unknown planet, devoid of companionship and lacking his equipment... Will he survive the challenge and come back home?

A Fairy’s Day Adventure into the Human World [Physical Game]:

In this solo TTRPG game you play as a young Fae who has come of age and have finally been granted permission to explore the Human World on your own! 

My Uncle's Story [Digital Game]:

One day after work, determined to fulfill a dream, you set out to build your new home in the middle of the Forest.

With only an handful of tools in your bag and an old truck, you begin building your house, log by log. What could possibly go wrong...

GRIM: A Retro FPS-Styled TTRPG [Physical Game]: 

In a time far beyond Earth’s exodus, explorers have unearthed relics and ancient architecture that are said to be older than the cosmos itself, shattering all theories of the creation of the universe and its age. You and your allies, assigned by the Martyrs of Free Olympia or the Elysian Coalition, are tasked to investigate ruins on the planet Gamma Rho Iota Mu, simply referred to as GRIM, to find any traces of life that are rumored to lay beneath the only structure on the planet: a towering obelisk.

The Nine Figures [Book]:

   A sacred forest set up with a seal that unlocks the gate to hell. 9 fearsome beasts were placed in the forest to guard the seal. Civilization started but never affected the forest not until the 21st century where the need of lands and resources increased. Xander Jakins looking for a quick way to his peers, came upon these beast. His life begins to unravel into another dimension he didn't even knew existed.

Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar Redux The Comic [Comic Book]: 

Future humanity is in conflict with a mysterious, incomprehensible alien species which is defined as terrorists by the government. A group of mathematicians developed an algorithm which can predict the behavior of the attackers. A young lonely girl should become a new member of the institute but when she arrives at Kyoto Novalis, the aliens attack and she gets lost in the city.

We've only highlighted a few and there are still many more like  The Devil's Route, Saga of Song, Fit in 150 Minutes, Emiror - The Blank Page RPG, Fragmentary Dreams and so much more.

Remember "Level up your life. Play the game of determination, resilience, and endless possibilities"

Includes the following items: