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March Into Hope

A bundle hosted by Warped Board Games with content from 24 creators.
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This bundle ended 2024-04-01T04:59:59Z.

Time to Spring into action (and fun) with this collection of games physical & digital, celebrating hope, friendship, adventure, and all the crossroads those can lead to - a total of $100 worth of games for 90% off! Write the stories of the time fireflies guided you home, adventure through a wild castle, discover diverse groups as you wander the road, pilot an airship through the skies, negotiate with your mortal enemy, rescue others during your firefighter training, "assist" the devil in their duties by being the details, cooperate with your friends to survive being lost in the woods, and many many more! With 35 games by 24 developers, there's sure to be some that call out to you.

The game designers in this bundle have generously donated the proceeds to Laura at Lucky Newt Games, who has recently had a string of "fun" life issues like emergency travel, house repairs, and too much more. "Mama Newt" has been a source of inspiration, encouragement, and mentorship to many in the TTRPG community, and this is one small way to pay back all the kindnesses.*

This pack of fun is only available through March 31st, so don't miss out!

*Another great way to help out is to check out the Lucky Newt Games Ko-Fi, which includes membership options that let you keep up with the latest Lucky Newt Games happenings and get some amazing games!

Includes the following items:

At $10.00 or above

When you can do nothing else, believe.
1 double-sided page, 4 games
An RPG of Sentient Weapons & Friendship
A Co-Op Storytelling Game About The Devil's To-Do List
After years of war, will the things you learn encourage you towards peace or more violence?
A multiplayer game where you blast explosive cans at your opponent until he looses it
You abandoned us. Broke us. Lost us. Forgot us. But we never forgot you.
Embark on a journey. Evade your enemies. Engineer a solution.
A cozy solo game about finding your way home with the help of friendly fireflies.
Rebuild after the tornado with your feathered friends, bringing happiness and stories back to your favorite human!
A Solarpunk Collaborative Story-telling and Role-playing Game, based on the Four Points system.
A solo journaling game about a superhero and the legacy they leave behind.
A Shifting Memory card game (Inspired by a song)
Lost in the woods, can you and your friends work together to find home?
Can you escape in time?
A solo RPG for anyone that wants to feel better about themselves in a fun or different way
A lone wanderer, bereft of memory, trapped in a universe created by a glitched portal's text scan. Can they get Home?
A charming 2-player TTRPG of preparing the perfect magical ritual.
Find water, save survivors, and pass the final test to become a Firefighter!
A collaborative story-telling TTRPG about meeting aliens and running a space station.
Name your trick and take your shot: on your table!
A modern take on classic-style fantasy, through an anime lens.
Combine Modern Skills with Fantasy Training to save the kingdom! A Lasers and Feelings Hack.
look at human events through the emotions of a slime
Honey Heist hack of slimes that are also spies
Role Playing
A world of pulp-adventure on a strange and alien planet awaits!
The world's greatest Fivewild roleplaying game.
A slapstick romp about an unlikely hero!
Travel through the ages of human history.
Interactive Fiction
A 24-word microgame about finding comfort when you're lost.
Follow the adventures of a newly-hatched chick as they brave the world to find a moment of joy
Visual Novel
Play in browser
A Supplement for Adventure Games