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๐Ÿ’œ Love Everyone, Even YOURSELF! ๐Ÿงก

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Happy Valentine's Day! This year, it's time to love beyond romantically: love your friends, strangers, and yourself! 

These twelve games and zines will help you do exactly that. You'll even learn to love the awesome things you discover and your memories.

And while you're here, here are two more games that fit perfectly but we couldn't add them BECAUSE THEY'RE FREE!!! So go ahead and grab em :D

We're running our first Beth and Angel Make Games crowdfunding campaign

The campaign runs from January 31st through February, and you can:

  • Challenge us to make zines of your choosing
  • Buy bundles of our already-released zines
  • And even unlock your choice of Designer's Notes for our zines!

We're hyped for the event, and we'd love to have you along with us!

Includes the following items:

At $12.00 or above

A solo RPG for anyone that wants to show appreciation but is bad about remembering or having ideas on what to do
Make doing the dishes, waiting in line, or making toast sound like the BEST THING EVER!
Rebel against a dystopian future by discovering the gloriousness of creative work
A poem I wrote, made into a pocket-sized zine.
An 8-page pocket-sized self-reflection, journaling zine.
a bookmark RPG about what remains after disaster and time have taken everything else
a solo RPG for anyone that needs a bit more self-love in their life
An 8-page zine written for the minizinejuly23 challenge of memories
An 8-page zine that challenges how you think about negative thoughts.
Our lives aren't movies, yet our minds chime in like movie critics forced to watch our lives... what's that about?
A journal prompting adventure for one.