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PP's Tumor Removal Bundle

A bundle hosted by hakobore with content from hakobore, plaest2k
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Our beloved cat Percy (PP) underwent surgery to remove a lump on January 8th 2024. The mass was sent to the labs for testing and the results came back with grade 2 mammary gland cancer.

At this moment, it is unclear whether the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, in which case she has anywhere between 4~14 months left to live. Since the cancer cells came back as being fairly aggressive, there is a high chance that it has, but the removed tumor also had a clearly defined boundary so there is also a chance that PP got very lucky!

The next step is undecided at this current moment in time, but we are monitoring her health and checking for new lumps consistently in the meantime.

With this bundle of comics and zines, my partner and I are raising funds to cover the tumor removal surgery fee, which came to 1264 NZD total.
(A full statement is provided below for transparency.)
Any extra will go towards future medical bills since this one really seems like taking a trip to the vets (She has a tendency to get UTIs).

Please consider helping us out, since we were not expecting such a big bill just 4 months into adopting PP.

Thank you very much for your kind support. 

(^PP also sends her thanks!)

About PP

My partner and I adopted Percy at the end of August 2023 from an acquaintance whose living situation had changed and could not care for her anymore.

At only 6 years old, she changed hands at least twice (that we know of), and we were fully expecting to be her forever parents with 10 years more of good kitty life to go. (There’s still a chance of that happening though!!)

She is very chill and loves to be hand-fed like a spoilt little princess. Her coat colour is buff (pale orange) and I like to call her an over-baked meringue, much to her contempt.

Here are some of the many nicknames we call her by:
PP, Peepers, Peeps, Dollop, Purse, Slug, Little Stinker, and of course, Baby.

(^PP high as balls post op)

About Us

Hana Chatani is a queer Japanese-Pakeha comic artist and illustrator based in Aotearoa. Themes tend to focus on grief and nonromantic relationships. She’s currently interested in garments from pre-Edo period Japan. 

Sloane Hong is a trans, Korean-tauiwi  illustrator, comic artist and tattooer based in Aotearoa. They love drawing and writing gross things, her cat and her partner ❤️ Nothing else.

Full Statement of Surgery Fees

Anaesthetic Cat G-A Propofol   $0.00

Healthy Cat Premed Mix   $8.70

Propofol Induction Cat/Dog<20kg   $22.00

Anaesthetic Cat (Isoflurane+Ivf Admin)   $160.90

Anaesthetic Maintenance+Ivf Per 5 Min (Isoflourane)   $175.50

Theatre Fee Incl Sterile Pack   $75.00

Ga And Remove Mass   $476.00

Metacam Inj 10ml (5mg/MI)   $11.00

Lab Fees - Histology Single Tissue Biopsy   $199.90

Lab Fees - Handling/Materials/Report   $30.40

Suture Packet Serasynth 2ep 3/0   $26.50

Suture Packet Nylon 2ep 3/0   $10.40

Vacc Cat Felocell3 On-Farm Or (Post-Sx)   $62.40

Elizabethan Collar 10cm   $6.00

Total   $1264.70

Includes the following items:

At $10.00 or above

bilingual short comic
Collection of illustrated studies of Japanese pre-Edo period kimono
bilingual comic