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The Christmas Indie Game Bundle! 🎁🎉

A bundle hosted by Pandamedic with content from 37 creators.
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This bundle ended 2023-12-31T00:00:00Z.

🎄MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!🎄I am wishing everyone reading this a Happy and Safe Christmas for you, and you families this year! Me and my fellow Game Developers, have created the perfect gift for Gamers of ANY AGE! And I can guarantee that NONE of the games contains any adult content, so this bundle would be a great gift for even a kid who wants to start gaming! 🎮

The bundle contains a lot of 🧩Puzzle, 🔫 First-person Shooters,🎮 Action, 🕹 Arcade, 😱 Horror, and 🎲 2D Platformer GAMES! Some games contains Steam Keys, so if you would like to also own the game on Steam, you can use those Keys to own them on Steam, FREE OF CHARGE. And since this is a co-op bundle, all the game developers involved in this bundle will be getting a cut every time someone purchases the bundle, and all the money which I receive from my cut, will be going straight to my family, as they are currently going through a tough time. Please do share the bundle on your socials as we are trying to get as much traffic as we can to this bundle. I just want to say a HUGE Thank you to all the Game Developers involved in this bundle, and also a Thank you to YOU, the reader! 😊

And once again, have a Happy and Safe Christmas this YEAR! 🎉🥳





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