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Ind of the Year 2023

A bundle hosted by Seamus Conneely with content from 47 creators.
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This bundle ended 2024-01-01T04:59:59Z.

Another year, another bundle of games from indie tabletop game creators! 

New Year's is once again bearing down upon us, which makes it a great time to see what creators got up to in 2023. Ind of the Year returns for its fourth year so that it can give you a wildly varied selection of games from a diverse group of designers that will offer enough hours of time at the table to last you through the year ahead.

Five tiers to fit your budget with ten games each and great savings - once you get to the top you're getting more than three hundred dollars worth for fifty, a discount of more than 80%. Special thanks to Co-Host Armanda!

Includes the following items:

At $50.00 or above

A tabletop roleplaying game of resistance, rebellion, and revolution against Heaven.
A solo rpg about a journey and the epic written about it a century later
A storytelling role playing game where you play a School, human Teachers, and Students that are monsters.
The big city's small gods help a Newcomer find a permanent home
A 2-4 player collaborative dungeon crawler
Role Playing
A Sci-Fi ttrpg of noble tragedy
A pamphlet-sized solo game about survival against a nanomachine plague.
A solo game about mermaids choosing their fates
A Researcher Alone
A Lost & Found Game of a Mecha, its many pilots, and the passage of time.
Role Playing

At $40.00 or above

a Lost & Found game about a Magical Teapot and its journey across the eras!
A Solo TTRPG of Devoted Knighthood
A gothic fairy tale ttrpg
A collaborative mythmaking game of small stories and smaller gods
Aracnophobia Survival Horror TTRPG
A heroic fantasy TTRPG in a realm of floating islands
Discover a kindred spirit in another world and journal your life-changing experience with them
A solo journaling game built on the Lost & Found SRD.
A game of intimacy and boundaries.
a game about being in a band

At $30.00 or above

a solo epistolary hack of ghostbox by Marx Shepard
Can you survive?
A solo journaling game where you face demons. | Un juego de diario en solitario donde enfrentas a demonios.
An adventure where heroes investigate a company claiming to be able to "cure" Metahuman children.
A solo journeying game for character creation
A pocket-sized RPG of whimsical fantasy adventure!
A collection of downtime activities for any TTRPG
Magical cozy gardening ttrpg
A cinematic slasher RPG for tense one-shots. Fear in a handful of dice.
The stories of the things we give away

At $20.00 or above

A game about the last moments of a society as it slowly loses the last parts of itself
The mystical art of novel spell-word creation
A legacy solo narrative game about the cycle of life of mycelium
NPCs for all your fantasy role-playing games
A chaotic art-making game for all ages!
Fish With Swords Fighting To Save The Sea
Just escape the woods by morning...
A Powered by the Apocalypse narrative wargame of satirical scifi skirmish storytelling
Six mysterious dungeons for Forgotten Ballad
A very calm and cozy snowboarding game!

At $10.00 or above

A rules-light, setting-light RPG that fits on 2 business cards. For 1 or more players.
A game about those on the run.
You are the first New Riviner. Hunt the Voidwards. Protect the Cosmos.
Sing O Muse, for you are all that remains.
Role Playing
A collaborative storytelling game that encourages creative problem-solving for educational use.
A narrative game for a Hero and the Fates
A solo journaling TTRPG about grief and hope
Can You Hear Me is a TTRPG system about distorted voices and how to hear them.
Roleplaying in the post-nuclear Soviet wasteland. Inspired by Metro 2033.