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The Cartoonist Co-op Showcase Bundle

A bundle hosted by RainyDayMariah with content from 40 creators.
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Illustration by Elaine M. Will

Do you like comics? Unusual comics? Short story comics? Comics with storytelling flair and beautiful art? Horror, action, humor, or romance comics? Do you like supporting indie creators? 

Then this bundle is for you!

The Cartoonist Co-op Comics Bundle is a collection of unique works from over 40 different artists. For the low price of $25.00, you can receive the stories of different independent authors in one bundle, with all funds going right to the creators! 

 The Cartoonist Cooperative is a member-driven organization that protects and supports comic workers globally. Each author in the bundle is a member of the Cooperative. By purchasing it, you help us fight for a fairer, more sustainable industry for comic workers everywhere! To learn more about the Co-op, check out our website.

This bundle is organized and hosted by Mariah Currey, a co-op member, on behalf of the Cooperative. Additional organizing thanks to Elaine M. Will, Yuki Clarke, and Cy McQuinn.

Buy our bundle and read cool comics today! 🖋️ ✨

Includes the following items:

At $25.00 or above

PDFs of each chapter of my finished romcom comic Space School!
What do you do when you can't run away from your biggest mistake?
Slice-of-life about a sheep-loving android who is bad at math and worried about nonexistence.
An anthology of short weird fiction comics by Joseph Hewitt and Ambs Myers.
bilingual short comic
a roleplay board-style retelling of meeting my internet friend irl for the first time.
A soldier chooses to remain on the front, where he is confronted by the wrath of god. Short comic. Lyrics by NIN. 10 pgs
A supernatural slice of life about a human trapped in a world of monsters.
Why does liberation hold space for both our deepest joy and grief?
​Five girls, five robots, a kaiju, you know how it is.
Read the first 90 pages of this gothic lesbian vampire romance, remastered with new art & dialogue!
Weirdscience botanical thriller about 3 strange seeds and the scientist tasked with their analysis.
A Discworld-esque fantasy adventure comic series!
​a ghost haunts a hillside
A comic about the near future in which cops become cameras and therapy becomes a gun.
A space opera BL minicomic by Eric Alexander Arroyo
The Mighty Ducks meets Goosebumps in this all-ages post-apocalyptic hockey horror!
Animal tracks spiral to the same muddy bank, season after season. Something draws them there... and something draws her.
A 230+ page comic, complete with BTS content
The cartoonist casts suitably serious actor Jeremy Strong to play him in a memoir comic.
A short horror comic based on a personal fear
Monotypes made of love
A historical-fantasy LGBTQ+ comic set in an early 20th century-inspired world.
A young lady in waiting seeks vengeance against a tyrant
Our Space Ranger Hero is saving the universe with his trusted sidekick.
Short horror about space
Short comic story originally featured in the 2022 Shortbox Comics Fair
Short and sweet stories following the adventures and shenanigans of a heavy-hittin' bounty hunter and her rabbit.
The end of earth... a new beginning
A mushroom wants to create a garden
A comic set in a universe in which dogs, crows, and leeches get sucked into the gig economy
The story of a teenage boy's struggle with depression & psychosis
An immortal shapeshifter has had enough of being threatened by petty human rulers. Diplomacy is out, the cavalry is in.
A fantasy comic about forest wanderings, friendship, and feelings
A small comic/drawing anthology of one-paged and short gritty tales.
An 8 page horror comic about seeing something unexplainable.
An action, adventure, comedy manga
Masked Bunny Girl Out On The Loose!