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Secret Trans Writing Lair Presents: One Prompt, Many Paths

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Ten different branches, one seed! See how the minds of ten different queer authors take the same prompt. As varied as we all are, different as paths could possibly be. With your purchase, you get access to ten stories: Superheroes and Villains, Monsters and Demons, Murder and Romance, Heartache and Growth, Euphoria and Dysphoria. They're united by the seed of one idea, but they all shine on their own!

For just a dollar a story, you get ten brand new queerlit and transfic ebooks ranging all different genres and moods. There's something for everyone here!

All stories included were inspired by the same prompt:

Two people are hiding a secret from each other, but believe that the other has the same secret! But when the secrets are revealed, it turns out they aren't the same. When the truth is revealed to one or both, how does it change the way the characters see each other - and the world at large?

Bundle cover by QuillRabbit

Includes the following items:

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When Val reunited with their old friend Ben after their estranged mother's funeral, dark secrets would come out.
A newly-discovered trans girl is unknowingly on a date with her assassin
A short, demonic, and very trans story
A closeted trans girl follows a monster to the promise of freedom but is hounded by a fanatical family
Depressed egg meets a stranger in the forest. A tale of trauma and gender with mystical elements.
Not All Genders Are The Same
Two magical girls walk into a bar.