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BRIEFS 2023 - the PIGS collection

A bundle hosted by gold extra with content from Cuatro Assets, hatimb00, spiders
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BRIEFS is a series of microgames curated by the Austrian art collective gold extra and this is its second edition!  We hereby offer you a lineup of fantastic games, short enough to brighten your evening and deep enough to consume your weekend. 

The theme this year is PIGS and this series delivers different approaches to it: a theological reflection on a holy day, a visceral journey into the darkness of space, and an impossible search that breaks reality itself

A dedicated team of developers with a wide range of experience, abilities, and sensibilities created these games. All games were commissioned by the Austrian art collective gold extra. Georg Hobmeier and Evgeni Puzankov are in charge of curating the pack.  All developers received 1000 EUR to develop their games. All donations will be distributed among developers directly.

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Includes the following games:

An absurd game about finding proof that pigs can fly for wish-granting purposes
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A family slaughters a pig for Eid in this short 2D walking simulator.
Visual Novel
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Scifi rougelike card game
Card Game