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KaiJune Tabletop Bundle

A bundle hosted by Cicada Human with content from Button Kin Games, Cicada Human, NeonRot
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This bundle ended 2023-06-30T07:00:00Z.

Unleash monstrous mayhem with Kaiju in the KaiJune Tabletop Bundle!

Games Included

Caltrop Kaiju - A solo TTRPG which can be played in ten minutes as a tense, tactical puzzle, or in a couple of hours as a journaling/story game.

Kaiju Klash - A GM'less rules light game where 2-4 kaiju battle it out in a fight for might to become top dog of the city.

Kaiju Don't Care About You - An interactive fiction TTRPG played with a tumbling block tower and dice.

Includes the following items:

A fight for might among kaiju! A GM'less ttrpg about punching giant monsters.
A monstrously fun and fast paced disaster TTRPG
272% Funded on Kickstarter! Kaiju survival game inspired by Japanese kaiju movies.