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Under The Sea

A bundle hosted by kumada1 with content from 25 creators.
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Still waters run deep.

And ocean waters run even deeper.

Plunge into a bundle of sea-themed TTRPGS and explore 30+ titles about pirates, fish, mermaids, abysses, and more!


(All purchases of this bundle are split evenly between contributors and help to fund the creation of new games and gaming material.)

(The bundle photo is by Whimsy Machine.)


We were not able to include the following games in the bundle due to space limitations, but they are also great and you can check them out here:

Includes the following items:

At $25.00 or above

8 illustrations, cc-by-nc
Save your village by landing the catch of a lifetime in this feature-length fishing ttrpg.
A game about our inner fears and about the things we've left behind.
Farm kelp, gather sea creatures, and turn your Enclave into a thriving thicket of marine life in this tabletop rpg.
Gullcurst Cape is haunted, hexed, and filled with way too many different attempts to evolve a crab.
Pirates pursuing fugitives from Davy Jones Locker
A Laser and Feelings hack about a gang of disaster gay crab mutants on a mission to kill god.
A PbtA ttrpg about mermaids and fighting corruption.
A universal parasitic RPG supplement.
Random buccaneers, boats and booty to spice up any high-seas dice game!
A survival scenario for the Cast Away RPG, powered by Carta.
Drift-race a barge full of psychedelic mushrooms. Compatible with Mork Borg.
a coastal dungeon adventure for the Heroic Chord system
a Wretched and Alone game about weathering a hurricane
Crab community bus heist TTRPG.
Freebooters raiding the Armada of the Damned. A tabletop RPG in a ten-page booklet.
A liminal dungeon crawler. Completely unrelated to that other game.
Chart new places while walking
A Tabletop Role-Playing Game of Being Fish and Doing Things
Explore the underwater ruins of what was once a towering edifice.
Rainbow Mermaids saving the world with the power of friendship
Three dungeons for Bus Station: Crustacean.
An RPG of survival in a post-land future.
A solo game about undertaking a coming-of-age journey through the ruins of humanity Guided by Firelights.
A Tunnel Goons hack of aquatic and aquatic-adjacent adventure.
Gather Friends and Adventure Forth, Just Make Sure You are Back in Time For Tea!
A sea shanty-generating ttrpg
The hit TTRPG phenomenon.
Don't call me Dick, call me Ishmael!
Fish With Swords Fighting To Save The Sea
A solo game about loss, love, and memories.
Seek out the source of a mysterious signal on the ocean floor.
3D printable terrain for close quarters combat
A mapping game without a gm where you and your unwilling 'volunteers' dig deep into a gigantic leviathan.