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MSU GameDev Charity Bundle - 2022

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MI 497 Fall 2022 Charity Bundle Banner

Help out charity and pick up 5 games made by students from the #1-Ranked Public University for game design according to Princeton Review (#6 overall) MSU GameDev program to play and enjoy yourself! Proceeds go 50% to Gamers Outreach and 50% to SpartaSoft, the student game development club at MSU! 

To see the live launch of this bundle and the Fall Showcase, please join us Wednesday, Dec. 14th 2022 from 4-6pm EST at:

These games were developed by teams of students in the MI 497 – Game Design Studio class. As vertical slices, they are shorter than the games you might be used to, but they each represent a tremendous amount of work across an entire semester by some fantastic students.

The games include:

  • Chamber 8 is a top-down tactical puzzle-shooter, placed in a futuristic setting, where you play as a professional gun for hire. Armed with eight special bullets, you must finish the job.
  • Demolition Express is a western, arcade style, 3D physics based destruction game where you play as a demolition crew tasked with destroying buildings by launching crew members armed with various unique rockets and abilities.
  • Rock The House is a top-down, local multiplayer, fighting game where musical mages compete against one another for the audience’s attention. They must use their musical abilities to knock out their opponent to grace the stage and take advantage of their time to shine.
  • Screen Tear is a RTS survival game in which you play as an AI system controlling four survivors through objectives in a ruined facility while managing resources such as power, oxygen, and each survivor's unique skill set.
  • Unicycle Samurai is a bloody yet light-hearted, local 2-player jousting game built around outmaneuvering your opponent and collecting power ups in four exciting arenas.

Have fun exploring these creative games and help charity at the same time. 

Thank you,

  – Professor Jeremy Bond and the students of MI 497

Includes the following games:

At $10.00 or above

A tactical puzzle-shooter where you're armed with eight special bullets to solve puzzles
Local 2-player jousting game built around outmaneuvering your opponent and collecting powerups