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Playdate Community Holiday Bundle

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This bundle ended 2023-01-02T05:59:59Z.

Happy Holidays and Welcome to all new Playdate owners! With so many folks joining during the Gift-giving Season, we decided to wrap up over a Dozen fantastic Playdate games that are Immediately Available to Sideload onto your favorite Tiny Yellow Machine! 

Packed with Action, Adventure, and Arcade games! Play with Puzzles, Platforms and Mysteries. We are offering Our games to You at over 50% off! 

The Holiday Bundle is $29.95 and runs from Dec 16th - Midnight Jan 1st covering Hannukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Years! Celebrate your favorite Handheld-with-a-Crank with the games below!

***Update! @XaniaLasagna has dropped a ZINE for the bundle that Anyone can Download HERE 

  • Along Came a Spider - Delightfully cute Arachnid Adventure!
  • ART7 - 1-bit ART Gallery  with grounds to explore.. and lots to clean!
  • ART-O-Ween - Standalone Spoooooky Adventure game set on the expanded grounds of ART7! (download from the ART7 page)
  • Baseball Brat Badventure - Plucky Platformer with Puzzle elements!
  • Cranky Bird - So Cranky. So Bird. Puzzle Platforming game inspired by Flappy Bird!
  • Fish'n Feathers - Hungry Penguin Arcade Action! A form of Fishing on the Playdate!
  • Generations - Compelling Puzzle game about arranging Portraits!
  • Legend of ETAD parts 1 & 2! - Technically stunning First-Person Dungeon Crawler, now with brand new content!
  • Mad City - Navigate and try to survive the maze that is... Mad City!
  • Reach the Ocean - Guide Marshell to the Ocean through this tricky arcade adventure! Colloquially known as the Dark Souls of the Playdate.
  • Slitherlink PD - An Increasingly Addictive Logic Puzzle game in the vein of Picross or Minesweeper!
  • Stars of the Screen - Just a collection of screensavers for the Playdate. Nothing else. Don't try to find any secrets or mysteries! There are only screensavers!
  • Time From Earth - Snackable, narrative adventure game about the search for a new Home.. in 2052!

Not sure How to Sideload or What that means? Enjoy the following tutorial and check out info from Panic  - Sideloading Playdate Games

Includes the following items:

At $29.95 or above

1-bit Art Gallery & Spooky Adventure Game for the Playdate console
First-person dungeon crawler for the Playdate
A flappy adventure with a cranky bird for Playdate.
Fish are falling from the sky in this arcade fishing mashup for Playdate
Reach the Ocean or defeat the Oraclepus. It's your call.
A game of relaxation, loading, and [REDACTED]
A logic puzzle game - Create a single line loop using number clues.
A puzzle game about organization and family.
Why did you enter this city? Find the exit before it is too late!
A pocket sized, cranking, top down adventure for Playdate.
Puzzle Platforming for Playdate