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Seasonal Savings Game Asset Bundle

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Buy 27 items for $39.99 Regularly ~$405 Save 90%!
This bundle ended 2022-12-25T05:00:00Z.

Do your logic circuits ever start to overload when pondering the paradox of being told you can save lots of money by countless discount deals that require you to spend a lot of money to save a lot of money so you can spend it on---^#&@*      rebooting.   Ok, so here's the deal. Our deal. On game assets. In this bundle, which is large, and full of them. You can see them all right here on this page! You will acquire an impressive array of art, music, sprites, tiles, indeed over $400 in retail value, all those things which you might need or use in making a game. All in this one bundle! Buying it is a no-brainer. Which, for me, is very fortunate since I burned out my cerebral processors.

The asset packs in this bundle are offered under this license agreement:
GAB 2022 License Agreement

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Includes the following items:

At $39.99 or above

Tyler Warren returns with his 6th 50 set of amazing battlers! It’s time for some Monster Evolution!
Twenty classic JRPG-style tunes of high flying fantasy from composer Joel Steudler!
A 2D top-down based tileset pack for your RPG and Rogue-like game creation needs!
20+ monsters, 5+ variants each! Featuring itch.exclusive bonuses: PSDs, Drafts, Updated artworks and new variations!
Yet another trustworthy addition to your SeraphCircle gallery of monsters!
Cursed Kingdoms Dark Fantasy Monster Collection
Game assets to construct modular buildings!
Game assets to construct modular buildings!
Game assets to build natural environments! Trees, grass, water, cliffs, and more!
A 2D top-down based tileset pack for world map creations!
A 2D top-down based tileset pack expansion for dungeons!
Venture into the deadly depths of the Twisted Forest with these twenty tracks!
A battler pack featuring beasts of nature!
Eight acoustic tunes tailored for medieval towns and/or villages! Hamlets, even.
A character pack expansion with 19 wild monster sprites!
Twenty tracks of traditional instruments for mythic Asian adventures!
Cursed Kingdoms - A boss filled pack in the Cursed Kingdoms
Come back to the 16 bit era with crisp pixel monsters!
This package contains a lot of content made for Rpg Tools and a demo project
A RPG Heroes Pack Containing Portraits, Sprites and Battlers!
322 high-quality weapon sounds that will make your battles awesome!
Ten tracks of emotional atmosphere to add drama to your project!
241 monstrous sounds that will make the audio of your project more cool
The Cursed Kingdoms of Galefire come alive with a new NPC and Monster pack!