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This is 同ZINE / douZINE Issue #0, a zine with a collection of five cool indie/doujin games from Japan! (English follows Japanese)


参加している開発者にはZINEの掲載料とバンドルの売上が支払われます。 バンドルの購入は日本のインディー・同人開発者と今後発行される同ZINEの支援になります。

The zine is in English and Japanese and introduces each game with a blurb from each dev.

All games are available in both English and Japanese!

All developers are paid a flat fee for their inclusion in the zine and receive an equal percentage from sales of the bundle. By getting this bundle, you support indie/doujin devs in Japan and also help fund future 同ZINE issues.

Games included:

  • Mimi and animals by ひでぶぅ / Hidebu Games
  • わだつみのこだま / Resonance of the Ocean by Image Labo
  • 鳥獣妖怪戯画 / Choju Yokai Giga by Nice Gear Games
  • 湯圓 [tong jyun] by npckc
  • タヌキくんの春さんぽ / Tanuki's Spring Walk by さとやまのおと / satoyama note (English translation added for 同ZINE!)

Includes the following items:

At $7.50 or above

カードゲーム型サイドスクロールアクション | Card-based sidescrolling action platformer (JA/EN)
a little chat about cooking & culture.
Interactive Fiction
Pick up items washed ashore to make instruments, and answer the echoes heard from beyond the ocean.
It is a visual novel about taking a walk, picking wild vegetables, and aiming for Kitsune house.
Visual Novel
同人・インディーゲーム集 / anthology of doujin/indie games