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The Ultimate Video Game Music & Sound Collection

A bundle hosted by Steven Melin with content from Audios_19, Brooklyn Game Audio, Steven Melin
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This bundle ended 2022-12-05T03:59:59Z.

If you're looking for the best music & sounds for your video game, look no further! This exclusive Black Friday collection features the best packs here on Itch that will cover all of your audio needs across dozens of genres and styles: from 8-bit Adventures, Live Orchestral Fantasy, Rock-Fueled Action, Atmospheres, JRPG's and much more!

This massive collection includes over 1,100+ music tracks and 5,100+ SFX crafted for RPG,  Adventure, Action, Real-Time Strategy, Metroidvania, Rogue-like, FPS, Fighting, Racing, & Casual games.

Your game is going to STAND OUT with these high-quality music tracks & SFX. Retail value of this collection, if tracks were licensed individually, is $32,000+. Bundled together, you can enjoy this massive collection for less than 1% of that cost!

Don't miss this limited-time bundle.

Includes the following items:

At $24.99 or above

+ 170 TRACKS (growing) ⚡ + 2 HOURS and 29 MINUTES OF MUSIC ⚡ + 2,03 GB OF CONTENT (growing)
4.113 High-Quality Sound Effects
The world's largest music pack crafted for royalty-free use in video games, ft. live world-class orchestras
Collection of 1,000+ original sound effects crafted for royalty-free use in your indie video game
300+ Original Tracks by ChipJames
150 Original Tracks by ChipJames