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Are you Afraid in the Dark? A FITD Horror Bundle

A bundle hosted by Sick Sad Games with content from 24 creators.
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This bundle ended 2022-10-31T18:59:59Z.

Monitors buzz and hum. The tick-tock of clocks echoes through the hallway. We ready for the hunt. Dark beings stir in the gloom. Ships move silently through the dark void. The Blood Moon rises. Something is up at the old Stevenson place... and has someone been taking my socks?

It must be Halloween. 

What is this thing?

The Are you Afraid in the Dark bundle contains over 20 shades of horror created for and submitted to the Are you Afraid in the Dark Jam, utilizing the Forged in the Dark ruleset (Blades in the Dark, Band of Blades, Scum and Villainy) to bring you horror roleplaying games ranging from pitch black nightmares to ooky-spooky hijinx.

The following entries were a little late for the bundle, but we still wanted to shout them out!

When can I get my filthy hands on it?

The bundle will run from the 24th of October to the 31st of October. Once the bell tolls midnight on Halloween, this diabolical deal is gone for good!

Where does the money go?

Each contributor gets 4% of the total revenue, with the organiser getting 8% due to the way itch handles revenue splits on co-operative bundles.

To keep the barrier for entry low, all of these fiendish experiences are available for only $20 (over 80% off their individual value!) If you're able, please consider a $5-10 tip to help support the designers who contributed to keep making games!

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

Lovecraftian horror, forged in the dark.
A shadowmancer playbook for Blades in the Dark
A TTRPG of dark hallways, deadly monsters, dwindling resources, and impending doom! Forged in the Dark horror!
A spooky adventure for Crescent Moon ☾
Conspiracies and Missions for the External Containment Bureau
Spectral Investigations, Forged in the Dark
Unofficial New Content for External Containment Bureau
Macrocosmic Corporate Horror Solo RPG
Victorian Terror, Betrayal & Martians
A new Blades in the Dark crew type about beating the Spirit Wardens at their own game.
Action-Horror pamphlet rpg for one-shot sessions
A one-shot, melancholy sci-fi thriller TTRPG for 2 players.
Monster Hunting, Forged in the Dark
A collection of 3 playbooks for use with Blades in the Dark TTRPG
Forged in the Dark game for telling supernatural teen drama stories.
A Vampire Lord for Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants
Find Clues, eat SpookySnax, and unmask Monsters in this cartoonish TTRPG.
Are you and your friends willing to corrupt yourselves to save the world from alien intruders?
A oneshot TTRPG about stealing Socks
A daunting /Run for CBR+PNK
A sci-fi horror TT RPG. Can you survive Out in the Dark?
The Existential Struggle Between Monster Hunters and Becoming their Prey
A piece of turf for Blades in the Dark
A blood-drunk custom playbook for Blades in the Dark