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Playdate Community Bundle

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Buy 13 items for $29 Regularly $62.16 Save 53%!
This bundle ended 2022-09-08T07:00:00Z.

Finished with your Playdate console's season of games or are looking for more to play? This bundle of thirteen indie games represents some of the best community-made titles so far. Blast through undead hordes in Necrocrisis, test your brainpower in puzzler Shift, and tour a digital art gallery in ART7. Or play one of the other ten games! From adventure to strategy to arcade high-score chasers, and there's something for everyone. You can get them all for just $30 – representing a discount of 50% from the total value of over $60!

Community Bundle Direct

Check out gameplay for all the games in the bundle in the exciting Direct produced by Tiny Yellow Machine!

New to Sideloading?

The Playdate console supports installing indie games via Panic's official web tool. Check out the following video for a short how-to guide! 


This wouldn't have been possible with the help of several awesome people from the Playdate Squad Discord:

Mac (vogelscript): Bundle organizer

Ollie (olliecoe): Press and marketing

GantProdux (TinyYellowMachine): Bundle trailer and TYM stream producer

Ledbetter (LDBR_art): Sideloading tutorial video 

Alastair (wallmasterr): Bundle key art

Includes the following items:

At $29.00 or above

Playdate’s #1 nonogram game
1-bit Art Gallery & Spooky Adventure Game for the Playdate console
Spooky comedy horror game made for the Playdate console
Bouncy butt, cracking the stars – only on Playdate
A chaotic Chess-unlike auto-battler
A strategy game for Playdate
A deceptively simple match four game for Playdate.
An action arcade high score chaser made for the Playdate
Satisfying puzzle game (free demo available)
Fish are falling from the sky in this arcade fishing mashup for Playdate
Necrocrisis is an on-rails fight for your life through a graveyard full of gun-toting zombies.
a unicycle-mounted quest for a good coffee