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Slice of Life

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Slice of Life is a genre where you look at mundane parts of someone's day. There might not be an overarching plot or conflict. It's just a normal Tuesday for our characters.

Whether that's spending the day at the mall, enjoying a beach episode with no thoughts of peril or conflict, or playing a nice, relaxing game of baseball, sometimes you just need some time away.

We've got games about Tea, Shopping Malls, High School Homeroom (along with the accompanying teenage angst, love, friendship and lo-fi study groups), and Taking a Break From It All. Doesn't that sound nice? We have three solo journaling games: two about your past and memories, and one about telling stories and sharing folk tales. And Isn't telling stories why we all love this hobby?

Tea Harvest

You’re now a Tea Harvester! Whether you have started this job as a hired hand, to work your family’s land, or even as a quick summer job, you’ll exercise brains, brawn, and a friendly disposition to make your mark in the tea industry.

Iron Bough Tea House

Iron Bough Tea House heavily emphasizes the roleplaying part of roleplaying games. There are no dice, just the things your characters do and say. Each player acts as two people: a server and a guest.

The server works at the tea house and will be "on screen" whenever there's another player that's playing a guest.

The guest will be on screen when everyone else is playing a server and you want to step into the spotlight.

Mall Kids

Mall Kids is a simple tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) about teens who work at a mall and the events that make up their daily lives. You won't be fighting monsters or saving captured royalty, but you will be interacting with your friends to collaboratively tell a story about how rebellious teens deal with the brute force of consumer-based capitalism.


You are Shoppers, spending your day (and maybe your paycheck) at the local Shopping Mall. Work together to solve puzzles, outbid your friends, guess the price of sales, or just roll dice as quickly as you can in the frenzied Spree.

Play a bunch of mini games to earn respect and gain control of turf inside the mall. Channel your inner 90s and have a good time shopping! Includes 6 classes, from the People Watcher to the 'Rat, and more!

Short Rest

Haven't you worked too hard? Isn't it time to catch your breath? Short Rest can be plugged into ANY other RPG (yes, even that one). Whenever you have some downtime (and you SHOULD be taking downtime), break out this game, enjoy a cup of tea, gaze into the fire, and reflect on all you've done.

You earned a break, and there's a long road ahead.

Alchemical Romance

Alchemical Romance is a game about young love, teen angst, lo-fi study groups, alchemy, friendship, and magic.

Alchemical Romance is about a group of young alchemists getting together to study for their Alchemy Finals, but it is also about what goes on behind the scenes. Alchemical Romance is a game of unexpected friends and being true to yourself. Alchemical Romance is powered by Caltrop Core.

New Tales of Old

New Tales of Old is a light-hearted micro solo journaling TTRPG about rewriting old tales but with a new twist. What if there's more to this story you've been told so? Or what if that's not quite how things actually happened? Play to find out!

Endless possibilities: While this game was initially designed with folklore legends in mind, it can be used to rewrite any story, really. For example, children might want to rewrite the story of their favorite book, videogame, or Disney movie. I'm not stopping you from doing it, so just be creative and have fun.

Today's Passing

Today's Passing is a solo journaling game inspired by the comic Daytripper. In it, you revisit memories from different periods in your life. You jump from high school to college, to old age. You visit key, pivotal moments from these times. And then you die.

And you write an obituary, tying these memories together. What they mean, taken as a whole? Why are these moments the ones that define you? And most of all, what does your life mean if today is the day it ends?

Hang In There, Little One

Hang In There, Little One is a micro solo journaling TTRPG about finally being able to reach out to your wounded inner child and helping them heal.

There are two game modes you can choose from:

Take It As-Is: you face the harsh reality of the memories exactly as they happened
Embellish The Past: you might choose to remember things in a more positive light

Stepping into the Oblivion

Stepping into the Oblivion is a dice-less and GM-full game about the reunion of a group of friends, the stories they remember around a great trip they made and the realization of time as an enemy of remembrance. Ultimately, it's a game about the fading of precious memories. The game builds around a growing sequence of dominoes, each holding a relevant detail about the trip. What happens when the tiles stop fitting together, and none of your friends can help out?

That's the bundle! There's a lot about memory and loss. Some games about relaxing and taking care of yourself. A couple different takes on spending your days at the mall. But there is no danger here, no violence. Nothing to attack or hunt or harm. Nothing that can hurt or wound or injure. This collection of games focuses on young love, on reminiscing, and about not taking anything too seriously. I hope there's something for you to fall in love with.

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Kids, capitalism, and crushes.
What does your life mean if it ends today? A solo journaling game.
Run a tea house after a great war. TTRPG.
A game on a mug. Slow down and contemplate your story with a warm beverage
A game about friendship, memories and a great voyage.
A game of young love and alchemy powered by Caltrop Core
A slice of life game about chilling out in a shopping mall
Will you be able to fill out enough orders to keep your farm thriving?
An emotional micro solo journaling TTRPG about healing your wounded inner child.
A light-hearted micro solo journaling TTRPG about rewriting some tales the way they actually happened.