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Summer Sale 2022 - VFX and Low Poly Art

A bundle hosted by elvismd with content from elvismd, Ivan Garcia Filho
DRM free
Buy 19 items for $40 Regularly $179.75 Save 77%!
This bundle ended 2022-07-07T17:00:00Z.

A collection of VFX packs and Low Poly Art!

Includes the following items:

At $40.00 or above

Circuit Tree Generator (using unity Particle System)
Geometric Visual Effects Using Unity's Particle System
Geometric Visual Effects using purely Unity's Particle System
A comb shaped grid sphere with the cells animated through a vertex shader for Unity
Fish Flock is a tool that simulates a flock of fishes!
A Cyber Beacon procedurally generated through Unity Particles
Cyber Crowns procedurally generated through Unity Particles
A Cyberpunk Girders procedurally generated through Unity Particles
Sonar using purely Unity's Particle System to detect collision from burst point
Cybernetic neon tunnels procedurally generated through Unity's Particle Systems
A neon Floor procedurally animated through Unity Particles
Particles Baker is a tool that exports Particles Systems from Unity to static meshes!
Minimalist pixel art Mage sprite animations
Circuitry like Visual Effects using Unity's Particle System and acoording sprite sheets
Collection of Fish Models
7 rigged humanoid BOXERS ready to use on Unity
Deform and adapt a mesh on top of other mesh surfaces or based on heightmaps
A Set of Low poly 3D Fence containing 10 fences to be used as exterior props on your 3D games.
70+ variations of casual characters ready to use with Unity