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Action for Trans Health Bundle

A bundle hosted by Zoyander Street with content from 16 creators.
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Pay what you want for 17 items
This bundle ended 2016-11-30T00:00:00Z.

It's here! The bundle you've been waiting your whole life for! This collection of small games made in one day (ish) as part of the "One Day Jam" explores perspectives on what it is like to be made to wait, the way that so many trans people are forced to wait for health care or basic rights and dignity. There are also a couple extra fab things thrown in here, including some vital information on trans health organising from Action for Trans Health, and a couple games made outside of the jam period.

All money raised from sales will go to Action for Trans Health, an organisation that campaigns for democratic trans healthcare and gives out grants to intersectionally marginalised trans people to help them with health needs.

Includes the following items:

Pay any amount

An LGBT fairy tale in visual novel form
Visual Novel
A Ludum Dare experiment in language play
Role Playing
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30 minutes
Hospital-based crushing boredom simulator
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What happens if you get your period during your GCSE English Exam? What if you're a trans guy?
Role Playing
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You Are The Moon, So Beautiful, Bright, And Bored
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A visual novel about insomnia.
Its been over 100 days but you can't leave you're office. There is a monster outside.
Scissors paper rock with a ghost.
cAN yOU gET 9000 dOLLARS??
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You're all out of the medication you need. Better do something about that.
Role Playing
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A game to help you understand yourself.
Match primary colors to produce secondary colors!
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What to expect when transitioning in the UK
How to campaign for trans rights in education