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Bundle Bonanza

A bundle hosted by DARKAFTERGAMES with content from 20 creators.
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This bundle ended 2022-07-15T23:01:00Z.

This bundle; is to made to spotlight and support the development and exposure, of new TTRPG Games. 

Those made in the  few month or so and had limited opportunities for exposure and are the hottest new Titles  around! 

 This means that by purchasing this bundle you will be recieving; the newest TTRPG games on the block. 

This bundle is designed as a commercial bundle; the profits of which will be shared equally between developers to help them with funding for projects and living costs. Especially in the current climate and the amazing work; that indie Dev's do for the TTRPG Space. 

We will be operating this as a stretch goal like system with $200 dollars as our first goal.  

We have met our first goal of $200!! Thank you all so much for supporting this and all the creators. As promised I will be releasing a piece of  upcoming The Dark After Dawn #ttrpg Art. 

We have decided with time left to extend the stretch goal and go for Gold.

Includes the following items:

At $10.00 or above

Playtest release of Songs we Sing the fantasy urban decay tabletop roleplaying game
Equip your old-school characters for perilous adventures in the Stone Age that never was...
Includes all Fantasy themed packs
A short adventure for Under Hill, By Water
A TTRPG about unethical underground fighting.
You are a Spellblade, and the power you wield will be your demise.
A 1-4 player GMless game about meeting the fae and choosing where you belong.
A TTRPG in a 20th century asylum for troubled women.
A High-Acton Zombie Splatter RPG, illuminated by Lumen
Gather Friends and Adventure Forth, Just Make Sure You are Back in Time For Tea!
A Urban Fantasy TTRPG set in a world that's long past it's prime.
Earth's core is gone. Close the portal that conusmed it.
Set sail on the World Ocean of Wyldrvir!
From a child with dreams to a legend of the stars.
Guardians Spirits meet the big City
A Spirit character for The Tutelary Society or your next fantasy game!
A high stakes folk game.
The second most popular D&D game.
A solo TTRPG about a cursed psychopomp
A written actual play and game tutorial that might have happened
The world's tiniest RPG about doing big crimes.
A slice of life game about chilling out in a shopping mall
A Solo TTRPG of light in the darkness
A japanese-style survival horror TTRPG.