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This collection of mech games is sure to give your table the strength to tear down the falsehoods and build their own future! No matter what level you buy, this bundle is loaded with standalone games, expansions, and adventures by some of the scene's most exciting designers. Fly solo or as part of a unit, play as a pilot or a tech or a giant barista. Whether you want a GM or not, whether you're in the mood for a mech variation of Mork Borg or the high-octane power of NOVA, this bundle has you covered.

Proceeds are split evenly among the participants, so if you want to help game designers make money off their hard work, pick up the bundle at whatever tier works for you, and help spread the word!

Check out the tech available to you:

$5 Tier

Lost Among the Starlit Wreckage

(Solo Game)

The visual cacophony of both sides tearing into one another has faded, replaced by the silence of wrecked machines, an open grave of floating bodies, and the last gutters of fire as atmosphere and fuel are consumed from broken ships. Your mecha is laid low, its diagnostic screen awash in the black and red of dead and dying systems as you drift among the debris. 

ANGEL: NeuEon 

(GM-Less Table Game)

ANGEL: NeuEon is a cyberpunk strategy ttrpg about righting capitalist wrongs, saving people, and embracing your changing body. 

Each player controls an ANGEL, a consciousness that inhabits an easy-to-modify cybernetic body. These beings are tasked with venturing into the Spires to rescue people, collect information and eventually destroy them. 


(Table Game)

Your shop, with its little bites to eat and its trendy décor, is no different from the others but for one important factor---you.

Ever since you came of working age, there's been a power stirring in your blood. Sometimes, when you get too bored, or too angry, or otherwise too emotional, you grow. You grow from Small to Medium, Medium to Large, Large to Twenty.

And at Twenty (stories tall), you're big enough to go toe-to-toe with the monsters that would destroy your city.

More Mork Mechs

(Expansion - Mork Borg)

11 pages of supplement, including:

  • New ranged and melee weapons.
  • New armors.
  • New special devices.
  • Grand Rituals that allow small groups of cultists to (badly) attempt to fight mechs.
  • And a new kaiju-scale threat.

Chasing the Ace

(GM-Less Table Game)

The Ace has led your squadron out of deadly situations more times than you can count. Together you've saved thousands of lives over the course of the war you find yourselves in. But the Ace has confided in you a secret: at midnight tonight, they are going to steal their mecha. They have not told you why, but they have asked you to join them. With you, they say, they stand a chance. You have until midnight to decide. 

Failure risks execution for treason. But do you even want to help them?

Robots & Ruins

(Table Game)

Robots & Ruins is a pamphlet tabletop roleplaying game about amnesiac androids who have just come online and awakened to find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world they don't know or understand. They struggle to recover their memories of their time in the old world while they explore to find their place in the new world.


(GM-Less Table Game)

It's a game about a car and a mechanic, but it's also a game about taking care of one another.

Black Skies for Babylon

(Table Game)

Taskforce Babylon: a small unit of special forces soldiers tasked with denying the enemy use of their mech suits. Alone in enemy territory for 5 hard months. Their success came at a heavy cost. Only 3 fireteams remain.

Now they face one more daring raid, against the infamous Black Sky Garrison. Home to the enemies most gifted pilots, and their next gen mech suits.

Babylon must destroy Black Sky at all cost.

Live. Love. Die. Remember

(GM-Less Table Game)

Live. Love. Die. Remember. is about mechs falling in love with their pilots, reliving their memories of love before the end, and the cost of victory.

You each play as an AI enabled, humanoid, militarised, robot. A mech. You'll describe scenes that explore your mech’s memories as they are confronted with a choice during their final battle. 


(Table Game)

After the war, thousands upon thousands of bipedal mechanized fighting vehicles (or “Bimechs”) were left scattered across the land. Many were brought back to the capital cities to be repaired or scrapped, but the majority of them were too damaged to be easily transported. With the war won, the victors simply left their mechanical refuse in the battlefields to rust and wither. 

Across the nations, in communities that had lost great numbers of working folk, these Bimechs replaced rudimentary tractors and mining equipment. Nobody knows who was the first to call them “Mectors”, but the name caught on and spread. The war ended over a century ago, and while the world still bears its scars, it has also healed. The capital cities still skirmish from time to time, but those fights rarely extend into the farmlands and mines of the common folk.

Dragon's Fire

(Table Game)

Once mighty, shining, and true, the land now festers, ruined by agents of chaos and corruption. The Bastion is mankind’s final refuge, towering at the center of the Five Wastes, sheltering the weak and needy, and fighting to keep the Fallen from breaching its walls, to secure humanity’s future for as long as they hold. 

You are Riders, piloting your colossal machines—the Dragons—as you strike at the Fallen Lands, pushing back the hordes that assail the Bastion, delivering aid where it is needed, and eventually piercing the very heart of each of the Five Wastes, so mankind may once again live freely in these lands.


(Expansion - MOSIAC Strict)

There is a matter of honor between you - one so serious only mortal combat can offer satisfaction. Noble-born, you gird yourselves for battle. 

MëchaDüel offers MOSAIC Strict rules for quick one-on-one battles between enormous armored foes.  It is designed to complement the MOSAIC Strict rules in Minifig Madness.

Ubuntu System Failure

(GM-Less Table Game)

One of you is a mech. One of you is a pilot. Sometimes you’re not sure you know which is which anymore. Not that it will matter for much longer.

You’re trapped. You’re damaged. It’s getting darker and colder. You don’t know how long you’ll last or when the end will come. But you know it’s coming. And there is nothing you can do to stop it. At some point, the final light will go out and your systems will fail.

Until then, remember your shared history, think about what brought you here, explore the joy and the pain you’ve felt, and find the courage to say the things you need to say, knowing you’ll never get another chance.

Ignoble Corps: Pilots of Command

(Table Game)

Hello Pilot

You are about to embark on your first mission for the glory of Command. We have faith that your training will not fail you, and that you in turn will not fail us.

You have your mission.

Ready for launch.

IGNOBLECORPS is a game about desperate mech pilots working within a titanic organization spanning the galaxy. Fight for and against Command's control and try to get out alive. 

O.R.B.I.T. Link 

(GM-Less Table Game)

Players battle against one another with teams of infantry and mechanized units, struggling to regain control of their ancestral homeworlds.

Success in the game relies heavily on the use of your O.R.B.I.T. units, large robotic support platforms that act as backbone of your assault force. When placed carefully an O.R.B.I.T. can help infantry rapidly redeploy and seize high-value targets.

Zoom Scouts

(GM-Less Table Game)

Work together! Control a robot! Fight a monster! This is 100% goof-em-up role playing, made for playing on a video chat service (although you could do it live together if you're of a mind). Earn tokens  by allowing the monster to beat up the Mega Mech; spend tokens to beat up the giant monster, and unleash your ultimate attack when the episode is almost over to save the day. Until next week. 

Have you ever wanted to uppercut a kaiju all the way to the moon? Do you have detachable robot fists you don't intend to use until the final blow? Have you a yearning to find out what's going on at Sinister Sarah's dastardly space base? Then Zoom Scouts is here for you. 

Divinity Fall

(Solo Game)

Get in your mech and tear down the gods that have oppressed humanity for too long. Make them feel the wrath and ingenuity of the people they've tried to keep down.

Reel Robot Fishing

(GM-Less Solo Game)

Even MEC Pilots need time to relax. You have charted a boat into a massive lake or perhaps the seas or oceans for a quiet get-away. Here you will take turns trying to catch something or conversing about life. The game ends after a set time (usually an hour) has passed and the sun has begun to set.

The Mecha Hack

(Table Game

Suit up with The Mecha Hack!

If you’re a fan of Gundam, Robotech, Pacific Rim, BattleTech, or Transformers, this is the rules-lite robot RPG you’ve been waiting for.

The Mecha Hack is a tabletop roleplaying game of titanic warmachines and their intrepid pilots, made with The Black Hack.

$10 Tier

Blazing Hymn

(Table Game with GM)

Inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion and Senki Zesshou Symphogear, this action-heavy TTRPG takes you to a future where music is humanity's only weapon against the armies of Heaven.

Will yours be a song of pride? Of violence? Of regret?

Build a Hymnal unit, a music-powered anti-Angel battlesuit, and take on missions to protect humanity from destruction. The songs you choose will change how you play, protect you from damage, help you build up power and protect your teammates. Let the Angels know you will die singing.


(GM-Less Table Game)

MekTeks is a game about playing the unsung heroes of a mech squadron repairing the mighty mechanized war machines of ace pilots amidst the backdrop of a great and terrible conflict. You will play the MekTeks working tirelessly against the odds to refit, refuel, and repair your squad's mehs before the next mission and then hope that they return.

Mech Borg

(Expansion - Mark Borg)

Right now, Mëch Borg's ashcan has the following sections:

  • Introduction and Game Rules
  • Basic Mëch creation
  • Five sample Mëchs
  • A bit of lore about the Arena
  • A single Mëch-scale Mörkaiju
  • Some very random tables

Witches & War Rigs

(Table Game)

Warriors are tough combatants with access to a variety of cool gear to face any challenge in the wilderness: machine guns, magical witchlock pistols, silver bullets, sun grenades, a truck full of ammo and hired mercs. Most importantly, warriors can wear a War Rig, a heavy suit of diesel-powered armor that can be tricked out with a load of weapons and accessories: everything a warrior needs to be an army on two legs!

Based on familiar old school game mechanics, but with some new ideas, Witches & War Rigs can be used with most classic adventure "dungeons" you may already have. (If it asks you to "make a Dex check" or "make a Con save vs poison" from a venomous "3HD monster", you can drop it into a W&W game with minimal adjustment.) 

This Ride Is On Fire

(GM-Less Table Game)

A collaborative storytelling game for 3ish players about going on a train car-style amusement park ride. There are unique zones of the ride, each with its own theme, featured automaton, and song. 

As the ride begins malfunctioning you will have to collect and deploy items from the zones, the ride going faster and faster until it  eventually throws your train car into the air, collapsing below you in flames as you ride the zephyrs of deus ex machina up and away to safety.

Crossed / Fates

(GM-Less Table Game)

CROSSED / FATES is a 2-player role-playing game about a devastating mech war, the people who fight in it, and the things it takes away.

It is mainly inspired by the relationship between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam, but you can play in whichever setting you desire. The rules will guide players as they work together to Build a Conflict and Backstories; take turns performing Actions during a duel; and describe the consequences of each other’s actions.


(Table Game)

GUNBARE! is a power fantasy military-scifi TTRPG designed for 3-5 players. Inspired by the premise of Azure Lane, Armored Core, and the works of Tsutomu Nihei, play as a Fleetgirl, a living weapon onboard a generation ship currently running from a hostile alien empire. 

Across three distinct generations of spaceship-girl, utilize a venerable arsenal of kinetic, explosive, thermal, biological, and radioactive weapons to wage a desperate war against the Xenos. 

Laser Beams Like So Many Stars

(Solo Game)

You are a huge fan of mechs and their amazing pilots. You love to watch their heroics on the news, you visit when pilots come to your town, you own multiple letterman jackets emblazoned with mech pilots’ insignias. You’re burdened with the dream of piloting, eclipsed by the fear that you will never be more than a spectator. You love that which is unfathomably above you. Let’s talk about that.

The Mecha Hack: Mission Manual

(Expansion - The Mecha Hack)

The Mecha Hack: Mission Manual is the jam-packed follow-up to our Platinum-bestselling rules-lite mecha roleplaying game, The Mecha Hack. In addition to new rules, enemies, and player options, this 100+ page supplement includes more than 40 one-page missions, comprising everything from training missions, action-packed skirmishes, high-octane chases, perilous salvage, and everything in between.

$20 Tier

Blazing Hymn: Ashes to Ashes

(Expansion - Blazing Hymn)

Humanity's future doesn't belong just to the arcanists and armies that run Hymnal programs from their secret labs. It belongs to everyone. This supplement to Blazing Hymn features three all-new Hymnal classes, more Angels, more songs, and special abilities for your support staff so that everyone can lend a hand in saving the world.


(Table Game)

NOVA is a rules-lite tabletop RPG in a world where the sun exploded, and humanity struggles to hold onto what little light they have left. The players will pilot exosuits, called Sparks, exploring the dark ruins of old earth, searching for the technology and knowledge that may just bring on a new dawn.

Ships That Pass

(GM-Less Table Game)

In this duet game, play a pair of sentient spaceships who have, contrary to their purpose and programming, developed a crush on one another. Set a course for romance, and hide your budding feelings from the Man with the help of your loyal pilots.

Apocalypse Frame

(Table Game)

In a ruined and terraformed world where most of humanity is under the yoke of a brutal regime, the former workers of a once-remote factory - now known as The Collective - have risen up to create a future of freedom from oppression. You are an Ace - a highly skilled pilot referred from a Division in The Collective and assigned a humanoid combat vehicle known as a Frame. You and your Strike Team of fellow Aces must take on The Collective’s greatest threats, ensure its survival, and carve a path for its continued success.

Ballad of Industrial Gods

(Adventure - Apocalypse Frame)

An independent survivalist community has identified a Republic base set up in the ruins of a well-stocked auto factory, and has made a proposal to the Collective: engage in a joint raid to ensure the salvaged metal falls into better hands. The Collective has promised the use of their Aces to ensure the assault's success. Strike hard, strike quickly, and be prepared to pivot - anything can happen!


(Expansion - Universal)

When you boil down all the different -punk genres, it always comes to the point that they describe a flawed world where some form of augmentation provides (at least the illusion of) an advantage.

The Tears of a Machine S.C.

(Table Game)

After the Ven attacked the Earth our scientists created the Saints. These giant robots wield tremendous power tempered by their pilots, but a young person's life is never easy. Hang out with your friends, cram for your exams, and try to find your way into adulthood while always on-call to fight off robot raiders from space. Keep your eyes on your hope and stress under control or your giant robot will show you it has a mind of its own.

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

A Game About Spaceships With Crushes On Each Other
-punk Augment
An Illuminated Mecha RPG.
Pilot mechs in a sunless world, and bring a new dawn.
The Tears of a Machine S.C. is a mecha-drama table top role-playing game of giant robots and young adult pilots.
This Is Our Fight Too - A Blazing Hymn expansion for civilians
An expansive mission for APOCALYPSE FRAME!

At $10.00 or above

​A 2-player role-playing card game about destiny, conflict and facing the harm you’ve done to others
Do your best to fix giant war machines and ensure the safety of your squad.
A TTRPG about spaceship-girls. Illuminated by Lumen.
We Will Damn This World Together
Medieval Fantasy, Modern Firepower
Fantasy mechs in the dark metal world of Mörk Borg
A Game of Velocity & Conflagration
Upgrade your mecha with new chassis, modules, and 40+ one-page missions

At $5.00 or above

An RPG of memories and mecha love
You're a fan of mechs and their pilots: spectate their glory.
A card-prompt storytelling game about mecha pilots caught in the shadow of their legendary squadron leader.
A two player game about how our cars love us
A game about what I think Power Rangers was probably like.
A solo journaling RPG about killing Gods
A game of mechanized combat that relies heavily on unit symbiosis.
A Game of Patience, Vulnerability and Giant Robots for 2+ Players
A mecha pilot (and their rescuer) think back on the war as death and rescue race to reach them first.
Amnesiac Androids After the Fall
As a shapeshifting barista, defend the last city in the world against giant monsters. TTRPG.
A firebrands-inspired ritual about relationships and community for two players--one is a pilot and one is a mech.
The worlds greatest combat tragedy RPG
MOSAIC Strict rules for battles in giant armor.
A Cyberpunk Strategy-TTRPG
A NOBLECORE Hack of Desperate Mech Pilots
An expansion for Mëch Borg.
Pastoral Life and Love in the Heartland
A surreal Together We Go mecha game
A lightweight TTRPG of titanic warmachines