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Hue Shift Hackables Bundle

A bundle hosted by Sebastian Yūe with content from 15 creators.
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This bundle is a compilation of all the games that are available to hack during the Hue Shift Jam 2022, which is a game jam celebrating the designers of color in the Huetopia community. Pick up the bundle, choose a game to hack, and submit your entry to the jam between May 2 and July 31, 2022. Please visit the jam page for more information about this event.

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

A roleplaying game about robbing the british museum in the dark future of Brexit.
a bittersweet feverdream for two
A Time Loop game where you find yourself
A TTRPG Tech Pack for a GMless Opposed Dice Pool System
Arrive at an ethereal, extradimensional location and explore a memory of loss.
What does it mean to be remembered? What does it mean to be forgotten?
A GM-less TTRPG by Mitzi Tuquiero about bloody hunters
a game about winning immortal love
Be a member of a Chinese Family, collaboratively exploring and creating a Chinese Ghost story
A TTRPG where players play cat familiars to different witches within a coven, hijinks always ensue!
A One-Shot Horror TTRPG in the Middle of Nowhere
A solo, journaling game of epic poetry, self-compassion, and celebrating yourself.
A mathematical game about not very mathematical things
A solo journaling RPG about processing grief after a tragedy.
A queer storytelling game where you play as pirates traversing the turbulent seas of romance