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Kentucky Fried Pixels

A bundle hosted by AmbientOcclusion with content from 15 creators.
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This bundle ended 2016-09-18T04:00:00Z.


Kentucky Fried Pixels is a game bundle loaded with games by developers in and around the state of Kentucky!

This bundle consists of games created before and during the jam portion of Kentucky Fried Pixels month long creation process.

The jam portion of KFP was held 3-6th of June 2016. Devs were able to continue development throughout the rest of the month. Many of the games in this bundle were created specifically for the jam.

All profits support the developers and the developer community and are split equally amongst them! Please consider supporting the developers of this bundle if you enjoy their work!

Includes the following items:

At $1.00 or above

The story of how you learned to combat your fear of tornadoes.
Interactive Fiction
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Catch lightning bugs, chill, chat.
Twist, weave, and intertwine with your friends
Downhill racing game, soapbox derby-style
Protect Your Eggs
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Plant Trees and Dodge Everything on Your Way Home!
a straight-forward WW1 RTS
Fun Horror Comedy
Kentucky Fried Pixels bundle for Cluster Junk
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Annular analogue arcade action! Based off of Tennis for Two, Arkanoid, Radial Pong, and the trusty Pip-Boy!
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Help a cephalopod out!
Deliver newspapers - or destroy the town. Your choice!
Old school LCD style game. Defeat the ninja and get the high score!
Just like lemonade, but with EXPLOSIONS
Combat Revolved
Extra bits related to KFP and games that missed out.