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Into The Dungeon Bundle

A bundle hosted by kumada1 with content from 25 creators.
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This bundle ended 2021-10-17T07:00:00Z.

A sunken barrow. A twisted wood. A lonely seaside cave.

Treasure is found in places like these.

The Dungeon Bundle is a collection of dungeon-themed trpgs and trpg supplements, designed to present you with an assortment of dangerous, forgotten spaces.

Get titles by 22 creators and delve into dark peaks, explore a gothic cyber-castle, join the zombies defending an ancient temple, or become a dungeon yourself.

All purchases of this bundle are split evenly between contributors and help to fund the creation of new games and material.

The bundle photo is by Peter Herrman, covered for unattributed commercial use under the Unsplash license, and edited by Jacob Kellogg.

Also we weren't able to fit this cool Heroic Chord adventure in the bundle due to space restrictions, but you should check it out here: Deep In The Spring Tide Sea Caves


Edit: We've cleared the first goal, so I've set a new target at $1,000. A huge thank you to everyone who's helped support us!

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

A setting and encounter generator pamphlet
A system agnostic OSR setting of dwarves and grit
a Trophy Dark incursion of architectural and identity horror
Six adventurers in the dark
A dice-drop adventure pamphlet for Troika!
A print-and-play micro-module for 5e
A one-session TTRPG about sentient places and the people that shelter in them.
Pen & paper ascii dungeon crawler
Dive dungeons, fight monsters, grab treasure...with just your hands. Ttrpg.
Tenessa The Forbidding is three hundred years old, and she is fed up with armed weirdos breaking down her door.
Send them to their doom. Never stop growing.
Dungeon-crawl roleplay like the Romans do.
Commoners become Heroes in a Blood Soaked Table Top Roleplaying Game
OSR dungeon-crawler for the AGON rpg
Defy the gods and steal chicken in this feature-length old-school trpg.
Your Weapon defines your Character
A Solo Carta RPG about defeating Evil
A third party expansion adding more dogs to Mork Borg.
A Tabletop Action-RPG of Blood & Skulls for 2-6 Slayers
Making a Megadungeon is Easy
a one-player storygame about last chances, judgment, and implacability in the face of despair
A pamphlet size combat RPG
Asymetrical Dungeon Crawling Action
An introductory dungeon crawl adventure for Runecairn
A game of wandering the wasteland and building connections
Role Playing
A system-neutral adventure for low level heroes