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ZineQuest 3 Jam exists to collect together the many projects kickstarted as part of 2021's RPG ZineQuest on Kickstarter. With the number of projects on show it's easy to miss one you'd have liked to back, this Jam will make it easier to find and support those projects as they are released to the wider community.

Submission rules

  • Nothing bigoted. If your project was racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ableist or otherwise intolerant then it doesn't belong here.
  • ZineQuest Games and related material only - This is a Jam for ttRPG material submitted as part of ZineQuest 2021 or the demo material you have released to support it. Include a link back to your Kickstarter.
  • This jam is not affiliated with Kickstarter in any way. It's being run by an indie creator for indie creators. As the creator I also want to add that the actions of Luke Crane trying to sneak Adam Kobel onto the contributor list for The Perfect RPG were manipulative and this jam does not support such abusive behaviour.

This Jam will be open for submissions from the 1st Feb 2021 through to the 31st Jan 2022.

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A zine which takes you on a journey from mortal to divine. Use it as a single-player roleplay or TTRPG supplement.
A tabletop RPG of time travel and dystopian horror.
A tabletop roleplaying game zine about magical maintenance workers in a sprawling, technomantic city.
a 2 player, competetive, face swapping ttrpg!
Eight (8) templates to help you organise adventures - a zine for Game Masters
Live two parallel adventures, 30 years apart!
A light and fast-paced roleplaying game of adventures and stories set within an implied Grim Fantasy world.
16+ monsters for OSR/Fantasy games. Now on Kickstarter.
Psychedelic journeys through the realms of Bone, Meat, Brain, and Spirit
Psychics of the Cold War
a generational worldbuilding game on kickstarter now
A TTRPG Zine, Industrial-Fantasy Coming-of-Age
A role playing game to be played outdoors, at a blurry distorted distance | Zine Quest 3
A tabletop role playing game where you mix-and-match parts to build your own mech and fend off invading alien forces!
22 warm, weird, and whimsical rulesets inspired by tarot.
narrative role-playing game for experiencing the fantastic adventures of gentleman thieves
You are an oracle, a greenseer, and a fraud. Superstition is a "ritual-creating" solo journaling rpg.
Horror in Appalachia! Contorta is a token-draw RPG designed to be playable around the campfire and under the night sky.
A no-stats, no-playbooks fantasy RPG powered by the apocalypse
Harvest energy in a disintegrating universe - a solo journaling RPG for up to 4 players
A micro-RPG about kids with weird powers.
Re-form a crew of bounty hunters, then start a new career hosting intergalactic cruises for fickle passengers.
Rules for the nanite warlock BLOODER class—part of the new grimdark superfuture postcapitalist sci-fi RPG STILLFLEET
One is not born, but rather becomes, a body
A storytelling game for one player, the newly-appointed keeper of an ancient zoo created by a long-gone society.
A Roleplaying Game of Dreams, Nightmares, and the Darkness In-Between.
A science fantasy TTRPG about exploring a far future megastructure
A GM-less storygame about returning home and grappling with what has changed
Tell a story and make a map in this hack of Microscope
A tale of loss and hunger on a desolate mountain
Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Module
A system-neutral wilderness exploration zine for fantasy RPGs
A role playing game about time loops inspired by Russian Doll
A sci-fi TTRPG of action and adventure. You thought you had escaped your old life... but something has pulled you back.
A Trophy Gold and OSR adventure module
A solo journaling game of late deliverables and contract change requests. ZineQuest edition!