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This is a special edition of Weekend Jam! Read on to learn more...

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With school in the way, it can be harder for young game developers to practice their skills. That’s why we created Weekend Jam. This game jam welcomes programmers of any age and skill level using any programming language, to come together and create a game within a weekend’s time. This low-pressure jam is not just for those who need a break from online school, but for anyone who wants to use their weekend to do something creative.

But wait, it's a special edition? This happens every so often, whether it's a holiday or some other significant event. All it means is that there is a very specific style, whose use will be factored into voting unlike other weekend jams, and with a theme selection based more closely around the style.


Our spooky theme is...


What if you were dreaming one day but you couldn't wake up? There are so many possibilities with this creepy theme...

We get that some people may not want to compete, and do this just for fun. So while the theme is highly encouraged as games with the theme will score higher, it is completely optional! We do want to see creativity, though, so give it your best shot. 


The style is an abstract subject, distinct from the theme, that gives food for thought to developers who are adding art to their game, or otherwise who need inspiration for a mechanic. There is a unique style for every Weekend Jam, so keep coming back.

Next week is Halloween, so what could be a better style than Halloween? Trick-or-treating, scary costumes, carving pumpkins—whatever it means to you. Get your spook on!  Originally, this was going to factor into voting, but due to the broadness of the style, we have decided to remove the criterion.


  1. Premade art, music, and code are allowed as long as you have the rights to them. You should make most of the content of your game within the submission period though, to be fair to those starting from scratch.
  2. Don’t submit a game you published outside the submission period. Again, not fair to others.
  3. Teams are allowed!
  4. Please vote fairly. This should go without saying.
  5. No NSFW content of course. Since the style is Halloween, you can make a horror game, but if the content is particularly sensitive you should label your game as such.
  6. Have fun!


The voting period will last 48 hours so everyone will get a chance to vote on their favorite games. The entries will be rated on three criteria:

  • Creativity—How innovative is your game? We accept incomplete ideas!
  • Enjoyment—Is your game fun? Easy to understand and learn?
  • Adherence to the theme—This is for the competitive ones--how well can you apply the theme with only 48 hours?

In addition, each of us (GDG^meplayer and NotEuclid) will select our favorite game for a special criterion...

Good luck!

            - GDG^meplayer and NotEuclid



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