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Watt-Wise is a challenge to build low-energy games. Entries will be judged both for the quality of their gameplay experience and for the average energy consumed per second of gameplay (using a hardware monitor between the computer and the power outlet).

You can find lots more info on the Jam's official website.

You may enter the jam in one of two categories:

  • From Scratch: games built during the jam. These can incorporate pre-existing code, but the gameplay experience itself should be crafted during the jam.
  • Optimized: games that existed before the jam, but were optimized for energy efficiency during the jam.

We’ll evaluate the two categories separately and recognize excellence within each category. That way optimized games are only compared against other optimized games, and new games are only compared against other new games.

Submissions must:

  • Be SFW: Game content should be "safe for work." Anything that would get an ESRB Teen content rating (or below) is fine.
  • Run on Linux: Games will be evaluated for power consumption from a specialized Linux environment with minimal background processing. We can run your game in Wine if it's a Windows executable, but the added overhead may penalize your game. Most game engines support building for Linux. Please test your game on Linux before submitting it.
  • Bundle dependencies: Your game must provide all libraries needed to run it. Browser-based games will be run in the developer's choice of Firefox or Chromium. If your game runs within an open source virtual machine or console emulator, please indicate the specific VM/emulator implementation you wish to be evaluated with.

Join the Discord or IRC to get involved!

This year's theme (which is not a factor in your score, it's just for inspiration) is “Breaking and Re-Making.” Whether that’s relationships, objects, ecologies, worlds, bones, or anything else is up to you.

You can find a detailed explanation of the scoring rubric used to evaluate games here.

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