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First kagarisoft jam, the idea of this jam is to help new and veteran developers to create their first or next project. The theme of this Jam will be artificial intelligences, you must include in your story a character that is an AI. The genre of the game can be whatever the developer chooses.

 You can use #vnaijam on twitter to share your progress.
Submission rules:
  • A visual novel must be submitted.
  • The use of creative commons assets is allowed (Recommended for low-resource developers)
  • No images or AI-generated text are allowed.
  • No +18 games allowed
  • No games or stories that use content from: Anime series, movies, etc. Only original material is accepted.
  • The story must last at least 1 hour and must have at least 2 routes, if you like you can extend to more routes and the duration of the game.
  • The story and the game must be in English 
  • A character that is an AI.


Your visual novel will be rated by people who upload their games (fellow developers) and by the public.

The following will be judged:

  • UI
  • Music
  • Assets
  • Story  (history is more highly valued)

Developers are invited to share the jam page links with their players / audience so that they can participate in the voting.

Note:  Regarding voting, please note that this is a criticism of your game. And it is recommended to listen to the public that played your game if you mention something about it, it is also recommended to leave a comment to the developers extending a little more your vote.


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