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Let's spread the good word about using story games to help folx learn!

This is a jam for TTRPGs that TEACH.  The goal is to create an online library of easy-to-use, classroom-appropriate learning tools for teachers to help spread the use of games in education (inspired by THIS request from the awesome Dr. Emily Friedman - @friede).

  • Starts May 1st!
  • Ends July 31st (so you can prep it for school, if you like!)!
  • Old games welcome - just make sure it's clear how to use them in educational settings!

You can design for any system you like (and have rights to develop for), and for any context (but of course cite your sources!).  As a rough set of guidelines, here's what you might include:


  • No hatred or discrimination: no racism, mysoginy, transphobia, homophobia - we're here to help build a better world, not ruin the one we've got.  
  • A minimum of violence - this is for classrooms, so let's promote positive, creative, collaborative solutions!

SUBJECT & SKILLS the game will help players learn

  • Optimal: include the Common Core standards or other established target it helps teachers hit and the appropriate age/grade-level.
  • Exceptional: include a rubric or assessment guide to help teachers gauge learning and growth.

NUMBER of students/players 

  • Optimal: large group sizes of up to 30, to suit class sizes!  If not, it would be awesome to have info on how to split groups.

PLAYTIME - how long is needed? 

  • Optimal: 50, 75, 90, or 120~150 minutes, to suit class times.

RULES designed for easy, intuitive play 

  • Optimal: GM-less, or novice-focused to help groups of students play on their own!
  • Exceptional: teacher's guide for making roll-out easy - teachers are busy!

TOOLS - explain what's needed, and provide as much as you can. 

  • Optimal: Nothing but the document and normal class supplies needed!  Think about what's in classrooms, though, and be specific about tools needed (projector, paper and pencils, cards, dice, index cards, etc.).  Print-outs are never a bad move!

LOW PRICE POINT, and maybe with a bunch of "teacher community copies" to go around?  

  • Please include the Jam Logo to spread the word!

If you'd like to chat about your game, swap ideas, collaborate, or just in general NERD OUT about teaching with games, please join our TTRPGs in Education Discord!  Any resources, blogs, videos, or really anything you think other teachers and learners interested in using games for education would be welcome - you can also post them in Community comments here, if you like.

QUESTION: Does it have to be new?

  • NO!  If it teaches, put it in!  Just make sure you help others know how to use it to teach, if it's not already abundantly clear.  

QUESTION: What if I made my game for another jam?

  • WHO CARES?  If it helps others teach and learn, it belongs in the library - c'mon in!

QUESTION: Can I submit more than one?

  • OF COURSE!  Any game you submit, you put in a spot where teachers can find it!  WIN!

For any questions, feel free to reach out to me, Michael, on Twitter (@lucklegends) or Discord (Michael -