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Let's spread the good word about using story games to help folx learn!

This is a jam for TTRPGs that TEACH.  The goal is to create an online library of easy-to-use, classroom-appropriate learning tools for teachers to help spread the use of games in education (inspired by THIS request from the awesome Dr. Emily Friedman - @friede).

  • Starts May 1st!
  • Ends July 31st (so you can prep it for school, if you like!)!
  • Old games welcome - just make sure it's clear how to use them in educational settings!

You can design for any system you like (and have rights to develop for), and for any context (but of course cite your sources!).  As a rough set of guidelines, here's what you might include:


  • No hatred or discrimination: no racism, mysoginy, transphobia, homophobia - we're here to help build a better world, not ruin the one we've got.  
  • A minimum of violence - this is for classrooms, so let's promote positive, creative, collaborative solutions!

SUBJECT & SKILLS the game will help players learn

  • Optimal: include the Common Core standards or other established target it helps teachers hit and the appropriate age/grade-level.
  • Exceptional: include a rubric or assessment guide to help teachers gauge learning and growth.

NUMBER of students/players 

  • Optimal: large group sizes of up to 30, to suit class sizes!  If not, it would be awesome to have info on how to split groups.

PLAYTIME - how long is needed? 

  • Optimal: 50, 75, 90, or 120~150 minutes, to suit class times.

RULES designed for easy, intuitive play 

  • Optimal: GM-less, or novice-focused to help groups of students play on their own!
  • Exceptional: teacher's guide for making roll-out easy - teachers are busy!

TOOLS - explain what's needed, and provide as much as you can. 

  • Optimal: Nothing but the document and normal class supplies needed!  Think about what's in classrooms, though, and be specific about tools needed (projector, paper and pencils, cards, dice, index cards, etc.).  Print-outs are never a bad move!

LOW PRICE POINT, and maybe with a bunch of "teacher community copies" to go around?  

  • Please include the Jam Logo to spread the word!

If you'd like to chat about your game, swap ideas, collaborate, or just in general NERD OUT about teaching with games, please join our TTRPGs in Education Discord!  Any resources, blogs, videos, or really anything you think other teachers and learners interested in using games for education would be welcome - you can also post them in Community comments here, if you like.

QUESTION: Does it have to be new?

  • NO!  If it teaches, put it in!  Just make sure you help others know how to use it to teach, if it's not already abundantly clear.  

QUESTION: What if I made my game for another jam?

  • WHO CARES?  If it helps others teach and learn, it belongs in the library - c'mon in!

QUESTION: Can I submit more than one?

  • OF COURSE!  Any game you submit, you put in a spot where teachers can find it!  WIN!

For any questions, feel free to reach out to me, Michael, on Twitter (@lucklegends) or Discord (Michael -

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A solo 3d6D game about gathering colors for a new world.
5 Fantasy Dungeon battle Maps for your tabletop RPG with mini random adventure.
What would you do with a superpower that's limited by 5 seconds?
A tabletop game that is also my autobiography. It is deeply personal and vulnerable, and quite the experience.
A poster to promote roleplaying community groups.
A TRPG about changing your designs on the fly, designed for children and their caretakers.
Work as a team through chaotic planet events to succeed in building your sustainable habitat and reviving the planet!
Work as a team through chaotic conditions to research and save animals in need!
Shared Narratives taken to the next level
A boost for any TTRPG to help you become a better Teller!
A system-agnostic approach to help anyone design scenes for stories!
Your Most Personal Journaling Experience
Fairy champions defend Redcap Village from evil.
Dramatic, tactical scenes - without the violence!
Role Playing
an arts-and-crafts based relationship building larp, for five or more players
The Stories Podcast game for telling epic tales together!
a two-hour freeform committee larp about gods making important decisions, for 4-12 players
A solo 3d6D game about chasing after bubbles of hope and dreams of faith.
This pack of 30 TTRPG's follows a pre-K social-emotional curriculum play and learn with your little ones!
A freeform larp about what non-binary means, and how it sometimes feels
Une collection d'aventures bon enfant
GM-less TTRPG about finding a tree root.
A Pamphlet RPG about kids with powerful artifacts stuck in a fantastic world!
Groundbreaking RPG that teaches Sign Language! ASL and BSL included.
Write a letter as an RPG character using dice rolls
Read Dune and journal your thoughts and feelings
... a game of touch, trust and feeling for 2 animals or more
An Epistolary RPG game of exploring the unknown
After years of war, will the things you learn encourage you towards peace or more violence?
Build a monument in the wake of a major tragedy. TTRPG.
Evolution in game design
Will you collect all the ingredients to make a magic brew before the other apprentices do?
Lost in the woods, can you and your friends work together to find home?
Reworked version of Joshua Newman's Shock: Social Science-Fiction
A collaborative journal RPG designed for kids and the classroom.
Will you achieve your charity's vision of a better realm or lose all integrity to chase donations?
A spooky 1-page TTRPG set in your favorite college campus. ENG/ITA.
A one page journaling game about collecting messages.
Plant beans, grow cats. TRPG.
Practice factoring numbers in this educational RPG
A story game of creating cultures
A mini TTRPG about lost children in a twisted land.
Infuse your favorite hot drink with some magic to help you through your day.
A cozy Halloween themed cooperative narrative ttrpg
A simple framework for 'any' RPG
A game of reclaiming intimate boundaries
A tabletop RPG about anthropology and covering ground.
A microTTRPG to build coping strategies
Ready-made educational content for any TTRPG!
Evade The Meteors! and keep going. How far can you go?
Play in browser
A one page game about discovering constellations.
Use binomial multiplication and quadratic factoring to exchange secret codes
An online story-writing game based in Google Slides that helps kids write stories about raising monster babies!
Imagining Kampala in 2060
Role Playing
Advance your RPG characters by writing stories and expanding the world!
A hack of 'Alone Among the Stars' in which you must tend sheep in the mountains.
a simple and versatile roleplaying game
The Slice of Life Quantum Camping TTRPG
A light-hearted micro solo journaling TTRPG about rewriting some tales the way they actually happened.
slice of afterlife
A game and guide for helping you make TTRPG stories for your toddler(s)!
A cathartic experience in friendship
A GM-less one-page cooking competition comedy TTRPG for 1-10 players.
A short edu-larp for 6 players ages 10-11 or older, about predjudice, ecology, and end-of-life care
A sex-education game about speed dating between people and birth control
Build numeracy and imagine stories with this RPG for all ages!
Role Playing
A solo journaling game on animal lodging and delighting guests
Can you cooperate just enough with the other elves to figure out which tags belong to which present?
A TTRPG about liitle heroes and heroines.
Young adventurers team up with dino companions to protect Skullrock Village
A GM-less comedy TTRPG about saints and squabbles for 3-7 players.
A One-page GMless Exploration RPG for 1 - 8 Players.
Un jeu de rôle / A roleplaying game
GM-less poem-writing TTRPG.
A family friendly narrative of boundless imagination
A collaborative worldbuilding game where players use templates to build on each other's ideas and create novel stories.
An English language TTRPG
In a school of monsters, will you make lasting friendships or bitter enemies?
A solo journaling game about singlehandedly filling your library.
A game for young adventurers to get active while catching and helping a cranky dragon.
A one page game about identifying shapes in the clouds.
Teach your kids to read and write while playing through a fun adventure game!
A story-building game about exploring a wondrous land.
A good-natured adventures collection
The Ready-to-Go Roleplaying Game