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The Try Folds jam is all about well... trying new folds! This is THE Physical Game Jam that dares ask the question "what if you folded that the other way instead." Gone are the days of trifolds, eight page folds, and half-folds, our new rulers are double gates, cootie catchers, and those cool hats other kids knew how to make at school.


  • Each game should be designed to be folded, the stranger the better, but the jam is not ranked so I can't technically judge you.
  • Games should have been released this year (2021), but don't necessarily need to be made for the jam.
  • Try to do something with a fold you haven't done before. I know I just shit talked eight-page and trifolds, but they're actually a ton of fun to mess around with, and don't be shy about using them.
  • Supplements, maps, dungeons, etc. are allowed, and in fact encouraged.
  • Feel free to submit some templates either on their own, or alongside the games that use them.
  • Charge whatever you'd like for your game, I'm not your dad, I can't make you, but you should be getting paid for your work!
  • In my opinion, Jams are about having fun, and trying new things, especially things you wouldn't usually try. Don't worry about releasing a hyper-polished, or uber playable game. Jams get to be a little dirty, and a little punk, and that's part of the appeal.
  • Likewise if you wanna release something hyper-polished and super slick, but you run out of time, shoot me a message and I'll extend the jam, or give you a late submission link! I really can not stress enough that there is no reason to stress over a game jam.
  • I reserve the right to remove bigoted or offensive content, and content that doesn't fit in the jam (like digital games!)
  • Safety Tools are important, please consider adding content from the TTRPG Safety Toolkit to your game.
  • Accessibility in games is super important, where possible make sure you're including plain text or other accessible versions of your game!


Bonus Points:

This game jam is still unranked, but I'd really love to see

  • Fully contained games that really abuse the folds! Overlapping text, hidden dungeon floors, the world is your oyster.
  • Nifty games I can print on my shitty black and white printer at home and show to the people I live with.
  • Games that use non-standard paper sizes and folds that I absolutely can't print at home, but can obsess over from a distance.
  • Please dear god someone make a game on a hexaflexagon, I'll declare you the winner of this unranked jam.
  • A game that heavily features Letterlocking (Thank you Thanlis)

After putting your game in the jam, consider posting about it on twitter using the #tryfoldsjam hashtag! I'll highlight as many of them as I can on my twitter over at @Keganexe

Also consider dropping a comment on the Community Board! We are all friendly here, and I don't bite.


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Rebuild society after revolution
5 Fists
Your Weapon defines your Character
Hackers, Hunters, Mutants, and Witches making a life for themselves in the blasted lands.
An Affinity and InDesign template for creating a 4-page Fold-Over Zine
weird science fantasy roleplaying
poetic mini-zine fold-your-path-adventure game
A one page TTRPG about quitting your job, and killing your boss.
A folding one-page dungeon
Tell the story of a lone sailor on a long voyage home through a strange sea.
Journey deep into the wilds of your business office on a mighty quest for your boss.
High School sucks, but so does everything trying to kill you.
A map-building storytelling game about a community dealing with a rapidly changing ecosystem.
You are in jail. You have no idea how or why, all you know is you must escape before morning
Answer questions and fold a flower
Tower crawling game that uses a hexaflexagon.
A Game of Friendship & Fantasy
A game of magic and muscles.