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Make a game inspired by the River Thames!

The River Thames Game Jam is a month-long online jam for all experience levels, running throughout September 2023. Groups and individuals are invited to make a digital or analogue game that responds to any aspect of the Thames.

This jam aims to be accessible and welcoming to first-time game makers, artists from other disciplines interested in games, and established designers alike. If this is your first jam, you might find the resources at the bottom of the page useful for getting started. Please use the Community tab to say hi and ask questions as well!

Why the Thames?

The River Thames is a rich, ancient and ever-changing site of ecology, archaeology, culture and industry, with signs of human activity reaching from prehistory to today. It's a wild tidal space cutting through a 2000-year-old metropolis, full of stories and life. It has featured in art of all kinds across the millennia, and this jam hopes to generate new creative responses to the river and our interactions with it.

Some places to get inspiration

Workshops at Totally Thames 2023

This jam coincides with Totally Thames 2023, an annual festival celebrating the river that takes place across the month of September. 

As part of the festival, a series of river-inspired workshops is being hosted for anyone new to making games – come along for an introduction to interactive fiction, tabletop games or both:

FAQs and Rules

What's a game jam?
A game jam is an event where participants try to make a complete game within a time limit. 

How do I take part?
This is an online jam that can be joined from anywhere. You'll need an account. Click the 'Join Jam' button at the top of the page. Once your submission is ready, you can upload it to itch (here's a guide for new creators) and then submit it via this page.

What can I submit?
Any kind of game or game-related material! That could be a video game, interactive fiction, tabletop role-playing game, board game, asset, unclassifiable experiment or whatever else feels fitting.

What are the rules?

  • Submitted games should be started and completed within the jam's timeframe
  • You can submit free or paid-for games
  • Adult content must be marked as such in keeping with's guidelines
  • Hateful or bigoted content will not be tolerated
  • Content generated by large-scale AI models is not allowed

Tools and resources

Free, easy-to-learn tools for making digital games:

  • Twine – a tool for creating interactive text
  • Bitsy – a minimal engine for little games
  • FlickGame – a tool for drawing and linking scenes together
  • Narrat – a beginner-friendly engine for creating narrative RPGs 

Advice and tips for starting out making analogue games:

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An old man fishes for treasure on the Thames one night in the late 19th Century
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Draw cards, roll dice, live a witch's life.
A simple push-your-luck card game about speculating on Canal Mania.
Card Game
Choose your own adventure along the River Thames
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Mudlark on the River Thames foreshore by day, then hunt vampires at Carfax Abbey by night.