Submissions open from 2020-07-01 12:00:00 to 2020-09-03 21:00:00
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An online game jam focused on story-based games. Starts July 1st, ends August 31st, annually. Feel free to start working before the festival begins. No one is required to start their work from scratch unless they want to. If you have any unfinished projects in mind, you're invited to use this festival for completing it. SuNoFES has no judging or prizes - the only rewards are those that come from the challenge and camaraderie with others.

  • Anyone can start before the festival begins.
  • Completing unfinished projects are welcomed.
  • Releasing a playable demo is fine.
  • Polished works are encouraged.
  • There are no "winners." Anyone who reaches their goal during the festival has completed SuNoFES, though it is encouraged to submit a game: adventure/ interactive fiction/ role-playing game/ visual novels [Adult content is not allowed]

Feel free to tweet your development progress at #sunofes

Good luck! 

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