This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-07-01 06:00:00 to 2020-09-01 05:00:00. View results

the Summer RPG game jam is here!  try and make a RPG game jam from the first of July to the end of August

if you wanna ask for help or have questions come join the RPG game jam discord server here
create a RPG in 2 months, go solo or be in a team
your games will be voted and criticize

also please talk about the type of RPG your trying to go in the game page(like if your trying to make a game like final fantasy call it a JRPG)
this is so people can criticize how well you tried to go for, and not because you can't role play as a hitchhiker

if the game jam haven't started yet, you can prepare for the art assets for your project but only art assets, no code

the background image is a  wallpaper of hyper light drifter, not made by me source:

btw follow me on twitter at @StudiosAnts

here's the do's and dont if you don't follow them your project will get removed, this list is in Progress: 1: characters that have skimpy clothes or show some skin are allowed, but DON'T have them be a minor, DON'T make your game about sex, or any fetishes if your game have a character like that, please put a warning in the project page and in the start of the game 2: if your going to add blood and gore please put a warning on the page and start of the game telling what's in it, like Dismemberment, blood effects, etc

3: here's some discord rules, don't be toxic or else you will be kicked from the server and game jam
please be kind to all members
please keep swearing at a minimum
please put your message in their respected channel
oh yeah please make thing's Apolitical in the chat, i don't want to get in trouble for anything so just please have fun and make some games

4: art assets bought or free from a website are not allow, try your hand at a art style, even a bad one
but free tools(or even bought ones) are allowed
also stuff like Mixamo are allow but only for the animations, sense that won't effect the art style of the game

5: please follow the terms of service

6: also it must be a Video Game, no Table top RPG


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A turn-based sci-fantasy dungeon RPG
Role Playing
An attempt at a RPG/tactical hybrid in a biotech-inspired sci-fi setting.
Role Playing
Play in browser
Battle lost spirits and escape from limbo in this 3D action RPG with unique combat and leveling mechanics.
Role Playing
An RPG on an alien planet. Be careful!
Role Playing