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The Spring From the Graves Jam is the first in a series of seasonal TTRPG physical game jams I'm planning to run! This one has a theme of Necromancy, and lasts for all of Spring!


  • Each game should be designed to include Necromancy in some way!
  • The game must be released between March 20th and June 20th, which is when Spring is celebrated according to Google. No older games, and no late keys for this Jam.
  • Games should fall under the TTRPG umbrella somehow: Supplements, maps, dungeons, etc. are allowed, and in fact encouraged.
  • Charge whatever you'd like for your game, I'm not your dad, I can't make you, but you should be getting paid for your work!
  • In my opinion, Jams are about having fun, and trying new things, especially things you wouldn't usually try. Don't worry about releasing a hyper-polished, or uber playable game. Jams get to be a little dirty, and a little punk, and that's part of the appeal.
  • I reserve the right to remove bigoted or offensive content, and content that doesn't fit in the jam (like digital games!)
  • Safety Tools are important, please consider adding content from the TTRPG Safety Toolkit to your game.
  • Accessibility in games is super important, where possible make sure you're including plain text or other accessible versions of your game!
  • The Jam is UNRANKED, but if you give the skull a cute name I'll consider it canon.

    After putting your game in the jam, consider posting about it on twitter using the #SpringGravesJam hashtag! I'll highlight as many of them as I can on my twitter over at @Keganexe

    Also consider dropping a comment on the Community Board! We are all friendly here, and I don't bite.

    Next Season's Aesthetic is: Summer Space Western


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    Necromantic. Power. Fantasy. Locked Tomb Trilogy inspired, and Illuminated by LUMEN.
    A solo game about a witch trying to bring back their dead lover through necromancy.
    Solo micro-games about being a freelance necromancer
    A Wretched and Alone game about necromancy, and the queer experience
    Knights and necromancers in an ever-crumbling but never-dying star empire.
    A journaling game about necromancy, grief, and resolution.
    a role-playing game about music, dying, and resisting the inevitable
    Bringing some necromancy to old games.
    A dinosaur-summoning necromancer class for use with Spencer Campbell's Slayers
    A short solo-journaling game
    an indie TTRPG about being tied to an undead disgraced tyrant.
    Fake sport dice game, mini ghost RPG interludes
    Play as Necromancers vying for the Thornheart, a magical item that can bring the dead back to life!
    Card Game
    There is someone you need to bring back to life no matter what.
    A game of Floriographic interpretation of the flowers grown from the undead bodies of your necromantic servants
    A Spindlewheel game for one Summoner and one Spirit.
    A Class for SLEDGEHAMMER
    Resurrecting dead brands by eating candy.