This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-11-09 02:00:00 to 2019-11-26 02:00:00. View results

What? Our third annual SIGJ, the weirdest chillest game jam in Seattle.
Where? The Pacific Science Center (200 2nd Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109)
When? November 8th - November 10th, Friday night to Sunday night

The Theme Is... "Intentionally Broken"

The theme was announced during the kickoff presentations at the start of the jam. The theme was pitched and voted on by our lovely Patreon community.

Some Optional Themes - Local Flavors

Similar to the Global Game Jam's diversifiers, these optional themes can add secondary constraints to your project. Each optional theme is flavored with local Seattle lore! We recommend these optional themes for more experienced jammers, and even then, only one or two optional themes.

  1. Never Wetter: Make a game where it never stops raining.
  2. Teriyaki: Make it seem like your game was created in Japan, even though it was actually created here.
  3. Salmon Run: End your game where it began.
  4. Only Tourists Carry Umbrellas: Make a game where the most obvious solution is never used.
  5. Chihuly's Legacy: Style your game's visuals as a tribute to glass art.
  6. Seattle Freeze: Make friends with a stranger (in game or IRL).
  7. Thrift Shop: Make a game with only reused assets (maybe from past jam games).
  8. Coffee Hometown Brew: Design a game where the main character is never still.
  9. Whale of a Tale: Make a game featuring orcas.
  10. The Puget Sound: Compose a grunge soundtrack for your game.
  11. Made Here, Slay The Spire:  Make a game that progresses only upward.
  12. Made Here, Tumblestone: Make a game where all the characters are cubes with cute faces on them.
  13. Made Here, Galak-Z: Make a game where the primary goal is firing an unrealistic number of missiles all at once.

Award Categories

- Best Use of Art
- Best Use of Audio
- Best Use of Themes
- Best Design
- Most Glorious Failure
- The Judge Choice
- The Community Choice

See you this weekend!!


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A wholesome puzzle adventure in Bridgemancy
Go on an intense adrenaline fueled rampage in this fast paced action packed beatum' up!
Play as a MMO Raid Boss with a DJ dream.
Strategically lose limbs to escape the kitchen!
Play in browser
2D-Top-Down game where you intentionally lose health to solve puzzles.
Gobbo the baby bat escapes from a witch's tower, freeing his friends along the way!
Let's intentionally break James Worthmore IV's science fair project! Part of the Seattle Indies Game Jam 2019.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
You're trapped in an indie game! Break out into the real world to make it beatable!
Osha Coaster the amusement park that is built to hurt you!
Use Your Money To Help Others And Go Broke In The Process!
A dark tale of 5-finger-filet to get out of a school test
A robot tries to put itself back together again
Toss your phone around until it breaks.
Break you Bach, Handel-ing a cello bow.
Jerry Mann-Daring is here to help you with the elections, Mayor.
A tape player that can remix reality.
Keep Our Planet Pure! Keep Earthling refugees away from your planet!
Pinball meets Blockbreaker as you tear down the Berlin Wall!
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For first dates only
Create the most inefficient transit network!
Play in browser
Reverse racing game.
A crazy hardware cube with a couple puzzle games
Durability is fun