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Remix / reimagine / recreate...

 an existing soundtrack of your choice!

These soundtracks can be from video games, animes, films, or even classical pieces!

Why? Well, one of the best ways to learn and improve is to copy from the masters!


1st place Victorious Memories by System ST91 [Y-Side] of Ace Driver: Victory Lap, Racing Lagoon, Rave Racer 2nd place In The Land Of Dragons by HenkkaStorm [Z-Side] of Spyro 3rd place Iroh's Tale by Blue Lava [Z-Side] of Avatar the Last Airbender  Runner ups: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Boss Remix by Ramose Tsimbina Dancing Star (Rainbow Road Roller Rink Mix) - Mario Party 2 by Generations  Best impression: Victorious Memories by System ST91 Best creativity: 5ECRE7 7UNN3L by Swifcape Best arrangement: Unsung Glory by Oleg Kramarenko Best quality: Victorious Memories by System ST91   [X-Side] Covers & Remixes • [Y-Side] Medleys & Mashups • [Z-Side] Tributes & Inspired pieces


There are three types of submissions:

Covers & RemixesMedleys & MashupsTributes & Inspired pieces
A new interpretation or reworking of a pre-existing soundtrack song, with significant changes to the arrangement or instrumentation.A combination of two or more pre-existing soundtrack songs into a single composition, with a common theme or musical connection.An homage or an inspired piece to a soundtrack, composer or franchise.

If you would like some examples and inspirations to start you off with, check out RMX Jam's predecessor, OST Composing Jam: PASTIME I and PASTIME II.

What you need to submit:

How long? at least 2 minutes all tracks combined
How many tracks? at least 1 track
What do I need to submit? When creating the project on, you will need to upload the following:
• .mp3, .wav or .flac file of the track(s)
            ○ The title of the file should also have your username on it (e.g. Lone Rabbit - Great Example.wav)
• Screen recording or screenshot(s) evidence of your DAW
            ○ Uploaded as screenshot(s) on
            ○ to YouTube as screen recording
            ○ or as .pdf if a score on
• Cover art (optional but ideal to differentiate your submission)
            ○ The cover size on is 630x500 px

When submitting to the jam, you will be asked for the following:
            ○ Description of entry (e.g. genre, runtime, software you used, inspirations, your process, etc.)
            ○ Link to streaming service of your choice (preferably SoundCloud or YouTube)
            ○ Titles of the original track(s) and the creative work (video game, anime, film, etc.) it's from.
            ○ Name of the artist/composer for the original track(s).
            ○ Your contact


Q: Who can join?A: Anyone! Whether you're just starting out, doing it as a hobby, or a professional musician, all is welcome!
Q: Will there be any themes? A: Nope! You can remake anything you want from any creative works (video games, animes, films, etc.)
Q: What program/DAW can I use?  A: You can use any programs, DAWs, or Trackers you want. You can even handwrite your scores and perform it yourself.
Q: Can I work in teams?  A: Yes! You can work in teams or bands of any size!
Q: Can I combine soundtracks from multiple creative works?
A: Yes!
Q: How about samples and sfx? A: Yes, but please make sure you have the legal rights to use them. You can NOT use any snippets from the original recording. Everything submitted must not contain any copyrighted samples.
Q: Can I use pre-made loops? A: It would be preferred if you can avoid using them, but minor usage is allowed. Please also make sure you have the legal rights to use them.
Q: Can I submit something that has lyrics? A: Yes! Absolutely! I'd love to hear your voices!
Q: Can I submit multiple entries?  A: Yes. It is recommended that if you have multiple tracks covering the same creative work, they should be grouped as one submission. 
Q: Can I use this jam to finish/submit an existing project I already started on? A: Yes, but only if they are unreleased and/or unfinished.
Q:  Who owns the things we submit?A: You! We do not own anything you submit.
Q: Is this a ranked jam? A: Yes, there will be a rating period at the end to vote on your favorite submissions to be in the compilation album!
Q: I'm having trouble uploading/submitting! A: How to upload and submit your soundtrack!
Q: How do I find the details of the original soundtracks? A: is a good place to start.
Q: Why do I also have to upload to streaming services?A: It's to make it easier for people to listen to the tracks. Any streaming service is fine, but most commonly use SoundCloud and YouTube. There'll also be a playlist of all the submissions there.
Q: Why do I have to submit screenshots / screen recordings as well?A: It is to make sure that everything you submitted is your own work and that you are not submitting somebody else's work.


The rating period lasts for around a week after the jam ends and is open to everyone. Your soundtrack will be judged on:

  • Impression; does it catch your attention or did you get bored?
  • Creativity; did the submission overall seem new or unique, did the composer(s) try to innovate? etc.
  • Arrangement; orchestration, instrumentation, etc.
  • Quality; mixing/mastering, sound design, are the instruments/sound banks chosen appropriate? etc.

Files will be locked during the voting period, but feel free to continue and/or finish the soundtrack to your liking after the jam ends.

Participants who tries to manipulate the voting system will be disqualified.


There will be a compilation album which will be released to most major streaming platforms for the top submissions as well as for some of my favorites, in which the streaming revenue will be evenly split for each track between us. We will contact you about this after the jam ends. You can check out the previous jam's compilation album here

Please keep in mind though that previous albums have not made a lot, the main point of the compilation album is more for monumental purposes instead of making money, so don't expect too much from it!

Looking for a partner or want to hang out with us? Feel free to hop into our Discord server! Have fun with this one! :D


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A medley showcasing Avatar The Last Airbender through Uncle Iroh's point of view
Route 113 theme recreated in Furnace Tracker using SuperPeRIL samples
A submission to the RMX Jam, if Mick Gordon and Tomoya Ohtani decided to work together.
A tribute to Siivagunner, for the RMX Jam.
The lost tracks from Subnautica Below Zero
A cover made for Lone Rabbit's RMX Jam.
A Celeste track arrangement / reimagination
Remix of three tracks in the style of "Medleys & Mashups".
A dedication to a podcast produced, written, performed, and musically composed by Harlan Guthrie.
A VRC7 cover of three of the kindoms in Mario Land
Orchestral cover of Nobuo Uematsu's "Loss of Me" from Final Fantasy IX
Entry for RMX Jam (by OST Composing Jam), cover of Haven (from Life Is Strange)
Mettaton is reborn as a menacing force bent on defeating the Joestars, whoever those people are. (He isn't sure)
A reimagining of music tracks from Pokemon G/S/C
A Final Fantasy VIII cover for #RMXJam
Mellow cover of theme of the Erupting Fissure from Gauntlet Legends (N64)
A synth-heavy cover of Shinra, Inc. from Final Fantasy 7
Small music jam transcribe
A slight remix of these two songs combined as one
Submission for RMX Jam, inspired by Prince of Persia Warrior Within Soundtrack
A cover from the anime "Cyberpunk: Edgerunners"
this is my submission for Lone Rabbit's RMXJam
Remix created for the RMX Jam
Music inspired by Spyro series
A blues version of the medieval song "Rains of Castamere", featured in Game of Thrones series.
Oneshot OST Reimagined. For the RMX Jam.