This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-11-05 16:00:00 to 2021-11-14 16:00:00. View 45 entries

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Disclaimer: Please do NOT use any of the soundtracks submitted to this jam without permission from the artist, they are not free to use unless otherwise stated.

Compose a track based on existing music from your favorite video games!*

This can be a cover song, a tribute song, or even a medley!

Title theme:

New Beginnings


Unlike the previous OST Composing Jams, there will be no public rankings this time around, since this jam is aimed to be more relaxing and chill (although there will still be a rating period at the end to vote on your favorite submissions to be in the compilation album!) You can now also work in teams/bands of any size!

You must submit the original recording in .mp3, .wav or .flac format on AND on a streaming service of your choice (preferably Soundcloud), with a screen recording or screenshot(s) or pdf of your DAW, score, or tracker. (This is to prove that you are the original creator)

There are three types of tracks you can submit:

*Please only cover songs that has an official audio-only release in the US (this only applies for covers and medleys), otherwise we cannot license the songs to be released in the compilation album. — PLEASE DON’T WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS FOR NOW! Tribute songs can be from any game regardless of the soundtrack's release region. You can use to look this up. Everything submitted must not contain any copyrighted samples.

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How long? at least 2-3 minutes for all tracks combined, no longer than 12 minutes for each track.
How many tracks? at least 1 track
What do I need to submit? • .mp3, .wav or .flac file of the track(s)
          ○ The title of the file should have your username on it. (E.g. Lone Rabbit - Great Example.flac)
• Link to streaming service of your choice (preferably SoundCloud)
• Screen recording or screenshot(s) of your DAW or tracker (pdf if a score)        
          ○ either uploaded as screenshot on or uploaded to YouTube as screen recording
• Description of soundtrack (e.g. genre, runtime, software you used, etc.)
• Cover art (optional but ideal to differentiate your submission)
• Original title of the track(s) and the game it's from.
Name of the original artist/composer for the track(s).

It is recommended for you to post your work on Soundcloud at some point after the jam since we plan on making a playlist of all the submissions there ^^

Q: Will there be any themes? A: There will be a "title theme" revealed at the start of the jam which will be the title of the compilation album. You do not have to follow this theme, but it would be nice if you do :>
Q: What program/DAW can I use?  A: You can use any programs, DAWs, or Trackers you want. You can even handwrite your scores and perform it yourself.
Q: Can I work in teams?  A: Yes! You can work in teams or bands of any size!
Q: Can I use pre-made loops?  A: No
Q: How about samples and sfx? A: Yes, but please make sure you have the legal rights to use them. You can NOT use samples from the original tracks.
Q: Can I submit something that has lyrics?A: Yes! Absolutely! I'd love to hear your voices!
Q: Can I submit multiple entries?  A: Yes, but it is encouraged that you actually finish an entry first before moving on and creating another one.
Q: Can I use this jam to finish/submit an existing project I already started on? A: Yes, but only if they are unreleased and/or unfinished.
Q: Can I use the soundtrack I composed for other projects later on? A: Yes, we do not own anything you submit.
Q: Is this a ranked jam?A: No, there will be no rankings for this jam. However, there will still be a rating period at the end to vote on your favorite submissions to be in the compilation album!
Q: I'm having trouble uploading/submitting! A: How to upload and submit your soundtrack!


There will be a compilation album which will be released to most major streaming services for the top submissions as well as for some of my favorites. We will contact you about this after the jam ends. We will not include your soundtrack without your consent. You can check out the previous jam's compilation album here(Yes, you will get the majority cut of the revenue coming from the streams.)

Looking for a partner or want to hang out with us? Feel free to hop into our Discord server! Have fun with this one! :D


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A Chrono Trigger Cover/Tribute
cover created for the OST Composing jam: PASTIME I
Remix inspired by a song from the game Ape Escape
A layered acoustic cover of "Beneath The Mask" from Persona 5.
A remix of BIG SHOT from Deltarune, in the style of DS-era Pokémon music.
OST Composing Jam: Pastime I Submission
Only a minute before your death
Spamton's secret boss battle theme from Deltarune Chapter 2, except I "enhanced" it.
A Medley of the main musical themes from The Last of Us
Soundtrack covers
My remix of Bynn the Breaker, from the Bastion OST.
FEZ covers, located in Hyrule in the style of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Inspired by the Persona 4 Soundtrack, this song was made for the "OST Composing Jam: PASTIME I"
Themes by Uematsu, Yuka Tsujiyoko, and others
A Celeste OST Tribute
Usually not very good at remixes, but I had fun working on this
my submission for the OST Composing Jam: PASTIME I
Music arrangement of the tracks from Diamond and Pearl
A final fantasy medley for the Pastime Jam
A remix for OST Composing Jam: PASTIME I
A tribute to the original soundtrack of Super Metroid by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano
A cover of the title menu music for the game "Crash Bandicoot", originally composed by Josh Mancell
A portal-inspired piece of original music
My rendition of Slumbering Weald's music from Pokemon Sword and Shield
Submission for the "OST COMPOSING JAM - PASTIME" jam.
cover made for the OST Composing jam: PASTIME I
Chiptune rendition of the credits theme from Shatter.
Musical tribute to Minecraft
Composed by Luke Nowland. A submission to the OST Composing Jam: PASTIME I
A new beginning in Hollow Knight
A new beginning in Dead Cells
Everlasting Hymn (The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth) Tribute