This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-08-20 16:00:00 to 2021-08-29 16:00:00. View results

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Disclaimer: Please do NOT use any of the soundtracks submitted to this jam without permission from the artist, they are not free to use unless otherwise stated.

Compose an original soundtrack of any style for an imaginary game!*

But hold on, how am I supposed to know what to compose if I don't know anything about the game I'm composing for?

Well, that's the twist of the jam, you don't. You need to imagine that part by your own.


 "Panspermia (Πανσπερμία)"

- the hypothesis that life exists throughout the universe.

(Choose either the theme "Panspermia (Πανσπερμία)" or the picture theme, or both.) Art by @mystmoir

Note: The themes here are more like an inspiration, and strictly speaking there are no specific "musical theme" for you to follow and that you can compose in any genre you want, so the submissions can be as diverse as possible.


Compose at least 3 minutes worth of soundtrack. 

You can compose as many tracks you want, providing that all of them is practically made for the same game, meaning each tracks needs to be interconnected and not be far-off from each other. To achieve this, leitmotifs are strongly recommended.

It can be in any genre you want: 8-bit, orchestration, electronic, ambient, etc. It can even have vocals/lyrics! It can also be loopable, have a proper ending, connect to the next track, or just a simple fade-out.

You must submit the original recording in either .mp3, .wav or .flac on AND on a streaming service of your choice (preferably Soundcloud), with a screen recording or screenshot(s) or pdf of your DAW, score, or tracker. (This is to prove that you are the original creator)

Additionally, you can also provide a description of what kind of game the soundtrack you composed is like, what does each track represent in the game, etc.

Everything submitted must be original and not contain any copyrighted content.

*Soundtracks created for other game jams that starts after this jam can be submitted, providing that the soundtrack also fits the theme. Fyi, Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2 starts after this jam.

Listen to the previous jam's top submissions!


How long?at least 3 minutes
How many tracks?
at least 1 track
What do I need to submit?• .mp3, .wav or .flac file of the track(s)
        ○ zipped if many 
        ○ The title of the file should have your username on it. (E.g. Lone Rabbit - Great Example.flac)

Link to streaming service of your choice (preferably SoundCloud)

Screen recording or screenshot(s) of your DAW or tracker (pdf if a score)
        ○ either uploaded as screenshot on or uploaded to YouTube as screen recording

• Description of soundtrack (e.g. genre, runtime, software you used, etc.)

• Cover art (optional but ideal to differentiate your submission)

It is recommended for you to post your work on Soundcloud at some point after the jam since we plan on making a playlist of all the submissions there ^^

Q: Will there be any themes?A: Yes, there will be a picture and word theme (choose one or both) announced at the start of the jam.
Q: What program/DAW can I use?  A: You can use any programs, DAWs, or Trackers you want. You can even handwrite your scores and perform it yourself.
Q: Can I work in teams?  A: You can only work in solo or in a pair of 2. However, you can have additional people to record parts for your soundtrack (i.e. session musicians).
Q: Can I use pre-made loops?  A: No
Q: How about samples and sfx?A: Yes, but please make sure you have the legal rights to use them.
Q: Can I submit a soundtrack for a game that already exists?A: No, it is required that all participants compose an original soundtrack for a game that does not yet exist before the jam. That means soundtracks created for other game jams that starts after this jam can be submitted, providing that the soundtrack also fits the theme.
Q: Can I submit multiple entries?  A: No
Q: Can I use this jam to finish/submit an existing project I already started on?A: Yes, but only if they are unreleased AND unfinished.
Q: Can I use the soundtrack I composed for other projects later on?A: Yes, we do not own anything you submit. All rights are reserved to the original composer(s).
Q: Can it be a remix?A: No, but you can take some inspirations and ideas from them!
Q: I'm having trouble uploading/submitting!A: How to upload and submit your soundtrack!


The rating period lasts for around a week after the jam ends and is open to everyone. Your soundtrack will be judged on:

  • Impression; does it catch your attention or did you get bored?
  • Creativity; did the submission overall seem new or unique, did the composer(s) try to innovate? etc.
  • Composition; musical writing, leitmotifs, pacing, cohesion, catchiness, etc.
  • Quality; mixing/mastering, sound design, are the instruments/sound banks chosen appropriate? etc.
  • Correlation to theme; to which degree does it fit the jam's theme?

Files will be locked during the voting period, but feel free to continue and/or finish the soundtrack to your liking after the jam ends.

Participants who tries to manipulate the voting system will be disqualified.


There will be a compilation album which will be released to most major streaming services and as CDs for the top submissions as well as for some of my favorites. We will contact you about this after the jam ends. We will not include your soundtrack without your consent. You can check out the previous jam's compilation album here! (Yes, you will get the majority cut of the revenue coming from the streams.)

Hivebound had also kindly got in touch with us to offer the winner a $30 AI-Powered Marketing Plan by MAI. Check out their website here!

Looking for a partner or want to hang out with us? Feel free to hop into our Discord server! Have fun with this one! :D


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Panspermia (Πανσπερμία) (59)
Picture theme (35)

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An original soundtrack composed for OST Composing Jam #2
OST for an imaginary action-adventure game.
Soundtracks inspired by the concept that life exists throughout the universe
For Lone Rabbit's OST Jam - A short soundtrack of an alien in need of comfort.
Gaming Soundtrack for OST Composing Jam
For Lone Rabbit's OST Composing Jam #2
Written for Lone Rabbit's OST Composing Jam #2
OST for an imaginary game
Life was a gift. What if they take it away from us? ...They?
An OST about a bunny alien collecting Magic McGuffins in space!
Music for an imgainary game about a man stranded on a planet trying to find a way home
OST Composing Jam 2 Submission
Soundtrack for imaginary game for OST Composing Jam #2
a soundtrack for an imaginary game about fighting horrifying space monsters with a bunch of weird aliens
OST created for the OST Composing Jam #2
My submission to the OST Composing Jam II.
Music for OST Composing Jam #2
Figments of the Past come back to life...
Submission for OST Composing Jam #2
Imaginary OST to a made-up game, for Composer Jam #2
human is coming from sky
A lone wanderer exploring the unknown planet he is stranded in after his space shuttle machine failures.
For a game that mixes "Gone Home" with "Outlast", through a house in the middle of the forest, in the 50s.
A theoretical game about searching for life across the universe.
Made for OST Composing Jam #2
Title Screen music for OTS Composing Jam #2
Metroidvania with slight horror themes.
Soundtrack for uncreated game
Original Soundtrack for an imaginary game
Soundtrack to an imaginary game: Shadbak
Camden M. Webb's submission for Lone Rabbit's OST Composing Jam #2!
OST composition jam entry
A song from the Ost Composition Jam 2 with theme Panspermia (Πανσπερμία)
This soundtrack was made for OST Composing Jam #2 and Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2.
soundtrack for the OST Composing Jam #2
Soundtrack for the imaginary Politismós game
Music for a hypothetical game.
gamemusic gameaudio gamejam synthwave gamedev indiedev
Professional Planet Inseminator
OST for "Panspermia", theme of the OST Composing Jam #2
A track made for the OST Composing Jam #2
A space opera about unicorns and friends