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Rainbow Game Jam 2022 is a 2 week game jam to celebrate and promote diverse creators, projects, and explore LGBT+ themes!

馃寛 THEME 馃寛



Pride Flag Colours - Use one of the pride flags as the base of your colour palette for your game (different shades are allowed)

Accessibility Rules - Ensure that your game considers options to help as wide a range of players enjoy your game. For some inspiration :

Can鈥檛 Be Played Alone - Your submission features an aspect of multiplayer, either local or online for all or some of the game.

All Around The World - Have your team split across at least two different time zones.

Sustainability - Have your game feature limited resources (energy, lives, coins etc) to encourage players to get creative with their solutions

Following on from the success of the last six years of this game jam, we're super excited to see what's created this year. We have accumulated a fantastic collection of games made. Previous years submissions can be viewed following the links below. #RainbowJam21#RainbowJam20#RainbowJam19#RainbowJam18#RainbowJam17 and #RainbowJam16

Rainbow Game Jam encourages participants to create games exploring and celebrating identity, gender, sexuality, sex, life, Intersectionality, being queer, yourself and your community, pride, protests, and love! Games are for everyone, and anyone can create games!

馃寛 DATES馃寛

The game jam will run from 27th August until 11th September. This is to encourage as much time as possible for participants to create and submit games.


Share progress and get involved on social media! 

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馃寛 RULES馃寛

We don't accept any discriminatory content based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, etc. If we see any content that seems to go against this rule, we may take any action we deem appropriate, including removing them from the jam.

馃寛 FAQ 馃寛
Q: Where can I form teams if I'm looking to join one?
A: Our discord has got a dedicated space for seeking out others who want to jam together.

Q: When will the theme be announced?
A: We aim to announce the theme nearer to the game jam start date.

Q: Can I use stuff I've created outside of the game jam in my submission?
A: So long as majority of your submission is created within the game jam time then yes,  you can use previously made assets. If you're submitting a game which has been made outside of the game jam then we will remove this from our submissions.


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macOS (5)
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Team (9)
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Pride Flag Colours (17)
Accessibility Rules (7)
Cant Be Played Alone (4)
All Around The World (3)
None (2)
Yes (21)

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A sapphic duet Caltrop Core TTRPG about risking everything for your happily-ever-after.
You're a little blob exploring a strange world by shifting shape
Use your inner strength to fight back against the dysphoria monsters! (Entry for Rainbow Jam 2022.)
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A visual novel about the life journey of a strange color bear
Visual Novel
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Break free from other peoples assumptions
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Choose your legacy in a charming low poly village
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First the numbers were Strong , Then they were Fonts, THIS TIME, The digits are on Your Feet.
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Help Lux populate the best pride parade ever!
Role Playing
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A blind accessible tower defense game where you defend your home.
have a chat with ley
Interactive Fiction
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Added gameplay video. Turn based tower defense rougelike made for Rainbow Jam 2022
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A tiny first-person exploration platformer #RainbowJam2022
Pass by the squars and get in
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Open world interactive fiction. Post across the galaxy with your StarGazer (TM) telescope!
Interactive Fiction
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Visual Novel
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An interactive fiction about asexuality and the riot grrrl zine scene of the 90s, with footnotes on the real history!
Interactive Fiction