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Rainbow Game Jam 2019 is a 2 week game jam to celebrate and promote diverse creators, projects, and explore LGBT+ themes!

The theme for 2019 is COMMUNITY, and a full list of diversifiers can be found here.

We are looking for partners to work with during Rainbow Game Jam 2019! If you are interested please get in touch via our Twitter.

Following on from the success of  #RainbowJam18, #RainbowJam17 and #RainbowJam16, and we are excited to see what is created for Rainbow Jam 19! 

Rainbow Game Jam encourages participants to create games exploring and celebrating identity, gender, sexuality, sex, life, Intersectionality, being queer, yourself and your community, pride, protests, and love! Games are for everyone, and anyone can create games!

馃寛 DATES馃寛

The game jam will run from August 23rd to September 8th, to encourage as much time as possible for participants to create and submit games.


Keep in touch and get involved on social media! 

Discord    Twitter    Facebook    Website

馃寛 RULES馃寛

We don't accept any discriminatory content based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, etc. If we see any content that seems to go against this rule, we may take any action we deem appropriate, including removing them from the jam.


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Grandma Waifu Simulator
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Play as Adam, an alpha werewolf that must save his pack from the pesky orcs in this LGBT oriented game.
Role Playing
A short, emotional experience exploring trans identity
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Girls' road trip to a forest cabin in never-ending rain
Create a Home, Together. A ttrpg, for 3-4 players
Defragment trans memories (Pico-8)
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A social game of horror and loss
Gather Your Community
Interactive Fiction
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Role Playing
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Form a community by running a quaint bubble tea shop.
Role Playing
An accurate summary of how this jam was for me...
Visual Novel
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Help your buddy! Get meds! Meet a... monster? Steal cash!
Interactive Fiction
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鈥婸lay as Gwendoline, a messenger pigeon who delivers letters as part of their private pigeon post.
Interactive Fiction
A tiny, sentimental text-based game to offer you comforts.
Interactive Fiction
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LGBT cards game about pride lions
Gather friends to climb a mountain! A platformer about the meaning of friendship, togetherness, and inclusivity.
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The typical morning experience.
By CASPAR @GhostTyrant / AUTUMN @DrMelon / @johnjoemcbob / SIDNEY @tackyvillain
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Submitted WIP for the RainbowJam19! A journey into Romantic Ideals and the haunted house in the lake.
Role Playing
Will Rainbowland defeat The Poop Boys?
A prototype I plan to expand a lot more post-Rainbow Jam.
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Greetings, this is Centro Cultural S茫o Paulo located in Paraiso, Vergueiro
are you one of THEM
Visual Novel
Break down barriers and put together the music