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Push is a lightweight, story-driven RPG system designed for cooperative, action-packed adventures. This is a genre-agnostic engine that you can use to create your own games about extraordinary characters embarking on perilous quests through fantastic worlds.

Push is published as a free System Reference Documentwith a complete step-by-step guide on how to create a game using the system.

Since the release, the SRD has had more than 600 downloads and the 2-page template has been translated into 5 languages!

This jam is aimed at encouraging beginner and experienced game designers alike to create more games and add their works to the growing collection of Push-powered games!


  •  This jam is for tabletop games created using the Push SRD. They don't have to be entirely made during the jam. If you already made a game using the SRD or have one under development, you can submit them too! Your games can be in any language, and you are not limited to a single submission. 


  • Make sure to tag your games with  #PushJam when talking about it online and submitting here so folks can find and enjoy them. You can tag me on Twitter @capacle and I'll help you boost it!


  • You can price your games however you feel more comfortable. Free, paid, pay what you want—all of them are welcome. Consider providing community copies if your game is paid.


  • Your game can use the 2-page template or the zine template provided with the SRD. Or you can make it any other size and format you want. There are even business card-sized Push-powered games out there!


  • The Push SRD cannot be used to promote racist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, or in any way bigoted ideas. 


  • Push is released under a CC-BY license. Details on  how to give credit are offered in the SRD. You may use the push-powered logo provided with the SRD in your games. You retain the ownership over your intellectual property. The usage of the logo does not imply an endorsement from the author of Push.

  • The free SRD comes with a 2-page Canva template available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian. You can simply create a copy and fill in the blanks to make your game
  • The free SRD also comes with a 24-page A5-zine template in English, if you want your game to provide more guidance for players
  • The games already published with the SRD may offer some inspiration for you
  • Visit the community tab for a series of videos and podcasts discussing and/or playing Push-powered games
  • Watch the video below in which Brian and I create a Push-powered game live! (Here's the final product)


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A gaslamp fantasy game of intrigue, horror and struggle
A Push-powered fantasy adventure game
A fantasy adventure game for 1-4 players based on the Push SRD
Consciousness hopping gm-less tabletop roleplaying
K-Star Squad is a rule lite, flavor heavy Super Sentai table top RPG for 1-6 players
A TTRPG about unethical underground fighting.
Enter locations displaced by memory. Confront the dead.
A furry micro TTRPG about a pack of stray dogs trying to survive on the streets and avoid the dog catcher.
An ultralight, GMless, press-your-luck style extralegal mayhemfest for 2-6 players
A story game about perceptions on violence.
A TTRPG about competitive drama and dreams!
A Push-powered cyber-pirate fantasy game
A cyberpunk game set in a metaverse for 1-6 players based on the Push SRD
A Push-powered TTRPG about members of the resistance fighting against an Evil Lord
A sneaky micro TTRPG about a gang of honorable master thieves, who seek to only steal from other criminals.
One Night Worlds: Wake the slumbering king before the kingdom burns
A business card, Push SRD-powered drag racing minigame
An Isekai - RPG powered by the PUSH-System
Supernatural investigations powered by PUSH
2-page science fiction roleplaying game where you play mechanics on the vast Agmiz 8 facility.
You are a purveyor of exo parts. Build your empire by any means necessary.
A Push-powered RPG where you play orphans with strange powers, looking for the truth and freedom !
Short narrative rpg about a deathless world and those trying to resurrect the god of death
A whimsical micro TRPG about young Protectors traveling between their world (Sanubari) and Fäerie with their mentor.
All out brawl powered by push
Hide from the Dragons in the Corpses of Dead Gods Now!
Your only child has been taken by goblins to the steam-powered, underground city of Ix. You're going to get them back.
A Psychedelic fantasy gm-less TTRPG
Play as an entity in a paranormal investigator's body while fighting the Devil.
Navigating the hostile world of white-collar work.
Guardians Spirits meet the big City
Ein spielleitungsloses Rollenspiel in den Lüften von Okiera
A game about saving your city from video game themed doom
1930s pulp crimefighting in a world run by women.
A Push-powered sci-fi adventure game.
A Saturday morning powered by Push
The beginning was more nothing than something— as if a darkness had consumed all there was— for, in fact, it had.
A Push-powered sci-fi adventure game. Second Mission.
Role Playing
Uma comédia-científica movida por Push
Role Playing
A storytelling game about memory and the oral tradition.
Complete delving loops for solo or GM-guided roleplay
Help Phantastopolis and prove yourselves as up-and-coming superheroes in this all-ages superpowered TTRPG!
Can you survive on a time bent dungeon?
A Push-powered steampunk adventure game about underwater exploration.
Can you brie the heroes who save the day?
Napalm sticks to kids!
ttrpg en su versión ZERO basado en la obra de Dolina con el impulso de Push
Push-powered crossover episode