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This Jam is a chance to think up a little vision of the future, a system-agnostic place to help think about how life will survive and thrive into the future, even after the climate cataclysm. Draw a map, write a table of encounters, write a short story, anything that can fit on one side of A4 and get folded into a mini-Zine.

Lost Eons is set in the distant future. 8000 years ago people escaped the climate cataclysm by sealing themselves in vast underground havens, while a collection of elites went to terraform and colonise Mars. That Martian civilisation is now crumbling, so they’re returning to Earth to colonise and gather resources. The jam is to create a system agnostic place either on Mars (a cavern, a wilderness, a forgotten temple) or around Brighton (Forest, a village, an abandoned haven) and make it into an A6 8 page booklet of words, tables and maps.

See the ONE SHEET rules for Lost Eons here


The Lost Eons Discord:

The One Page Zine template by Starwest. Get it here!

Alternatively, there's the Pocketfold version which doesn't require cuts and does some interesting things with folds! Get that template here!


To quote Roz- "Keep the submissions totally free of bigotry and hate. No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no transphobia. If you're a nazi, fuck off."

Inspired by Roz and Oz Browning's Pocket Jam, please submit your entries there as well as here.

I'd like to collate people's work into a physical zine- if you're up for that, send me a message.


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Systemfree space bodyhorror on Mars
A systemfree science fantasy setting set in far future Brighton, UK
A farming community built upon ancient infrastructure.
A pocket-sized system agnostic space horror on far-future Mars
A retrofuturistic zine
a locations zine for Lost Eons
A place you can put in your pocket. Rules Agnostic TTRPG Setting.