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Mostly inspired by a tweet from @NullConstant (with a structure shamelessly copied off of the Bookmark Game Jam), this jam is about bringing together all the ideas people have about play by post TTRPGs (PBPRPGs?). "Play by post" can mean games played via snail mail, email, forums, Discord chat, instant messenger, or even social media (I have a personal soft spot for epistolary games, but absolutely feel free to go in a totally different direction).


  • All games should be designed to be played by post, either in addition to or in lieu of traditional in-person/video chat sessions.
  • Hacks and supplements may also be submitted, assuming due diligence is paid to all relevant copyright and IP restrictions.
  • Multiple submissions, as well as submission of older or in-progress work are totally fine; the more the merrier.
  • Besides the main theme, I strongly encourage you to take this jam as an opportunity to learn about/implement elements of inclusive design. Are your colors and fonts accessible? Do you know if a screen reader would have trouble with your PDFs? Is there alt text assigned to your images? Now's the chance to practice making games that more people can play.
  • Abusive, bigoted or otherwise hateful content will not be tolerated. Submissions that are, per my own analysis, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or otherwise loathsome will be removed.
  • Fascists butt out. Cops too.

If you're unsure if your game qualifies, or if you have any other questions, comments or concerns, feel free to mention/DM me on twitter @hyphenartist. Also, if you post about your submissions, it'd be really cool if you used the hashtag #PlayByPostJam and @'ed me about it. 


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a letterwriting collage game
Time is short. Space is vast. Can you save this relationship before the messages end?
An epistolary game of two interstellar civilizations
Quarantine is a game of isolation for one or two people.
Last Letters is a game about a world where electronic communication has been lost, played via snail mail.
Role Playing
You are what happens in the royal city after dark. Based on The Hermit.