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Make something in picoCAD, the latest and greatest low-poly pixel-art 3D modeler. No prior 3D experience required. All skill levels welcome!



Theme is required for entries and is meant to be open-ended. Real-world, fictional, or wholly new are all allowed and encouraged! You can make interiors, exteriors, cities, structures, or even the act of building/constructing. If you can explain how your model follows the theme, it's valid!



You can only use each primitive once

Limitation is completely optional and is an added modifier. The seven primitives (shapes) included are pyramid, prism, cube, pent, hex, cylinder, and plane. No extrusions allowed. Moving vertices of primitives or deleting faces is allowed. You do not have to use all primitives.


What is picoCAD?

"picoCAD is a program to build and texture lowpoly 3D models. Where many programs for modelling and texturing are bloated and overly complicated, picoCAD aims to make it fun, easy, and accessible by focusing on the bare essentials. It is built on the PICO-8 platform and comes rich with constraints. Experiment to find your own workflow and anything is possible!"
-Johan, creator of picoCAD

Download: picoCAD (be sure to read the manual included with it!)

Join picoCAD discord and say hi: discord

How to submit?

Please submit an animated Gif spin of your model, the model txt, and if you have it, the texture png. Example.

To create a spin, navigate to top left drop down menu and click "Export Gif". Select either fast or medium spin.

To copy the model txt, click view files in top left menu and copy it from the folder.

For learning how to create an page read Your First Page.


  1. Models are required to incorporate the theme. Limitation is an optional modifier.
  2. Make your model within the jam timeframe
    • You may sketch concepts before the Jam starts but do not use assets made before the jam.
  3. Make only one submission.
    • You may work as a team and submit a group-made model.
  4. Use only picoCAD to make your model and submit animated Gif spin of it.
    • Do not use external modelers/editors for editing model or gif submission, including editing the model txt files. Pixel-art editors for textures are the exception.
  5. No harassment of any kind. No NSFW content, offensive content, excessive gore/violence.
  6. Entries that violate rules will receive a warning and be removed before voting if changes aren't made. 
    • You will be asked to submit a new model or edit to make your model valid. Models made before the jam started cannot be submitted.
  7. Have fun!


Models will be voted based on following criteria:

  • Visual- aesthetic enjoyment from the model
  • Technical- high quality modelling and/or texturing
  • Concept- creative take on the theme/limitation and/or novel use of picoCAD's capabilities

Voting will be open to submitters only. Submit if you are able to so you can participate in voting!


Johan has been kind enough to sponsor this jam with keys. The 1st and 2nd winners of each category get their pick of the pixel editor Aseprite or the game engine Pico-8 only 1 prize per participant, duplicate prizes will go to runner ups



Be sure to read the manual included with picoCAD!

Waporwave and I have also written a supplementary guide for picoCAD. Included is a beginner tutorial, overview of modeling and texturing, and a FAQ section answering common questions and showcasing tricks like inverted normal or spheres!

picoCAD Guide

If you have any questions about the jam or picoCAD please reach out on the Discord in the jams-and-challenges channel.


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Deckbuilding with some imaginary Polygon-icons trading cards
picoCAD Jam entry, Architecture
An entry for the PicoCAD jam theme : Building
Just a model made in PicoCAD. Uses only 1 of each of the seven primitives.
A simple lowpoly lighthouse
A lovely lil' treehouse for picoCAD jam
PicoCAD model based on the Mysterious Tower from the Kingdom Hearts series
Link's house from Link to the Past
a house made of mushrooms, for mushrooms
a model made with picoCAD for the first ever picoCAD jam
A 3D model and textures made for the picoCAD jam.
A small, low-poly scene for the picoCAD Jam.
My entry for #picoCAD jam
Picocad Pyramid Model
3D model of a 2-store building made with picoCAD
Simply pixel art house made with picoCAD (picoCAD Jam)
First time posting and first time using PicoCAD! Decided to make Dracula's chamber and coffin for this fun project.
Low-poly ISS model for picoCAD Jam
A 3D model made in picoCAD!
PicoCAD Jam lowpoly 3D model
Itsukushima shrine for picoCAD jam
Low poly airport made in picoCAD
For the picoCAD jam
Japanese tatami room with a furry friend.
Soon, it'll be time to Back... to the Cinema!
Model of the Royal Mint building, made using picoCAD, during picoCAD Jam.
OOA's Black Tower made in picoCAD
"Before I kill you, Mr. Bond..."
submission for picoCAD Jam 2021
A low-poly scene for the builder at heart
Started with the idea of making a little venice building and then settled with this "Sea Apartment"!
a little low-poly toolbox made in picoCAD
A low-poly model of a brazilian festa junina stand
A model based on Mushroom Houses from Super Mario Bros. 3
A small minimalist house made with picoCAD
My first attempt at PicoCAD, I decided to keep it simple.
A small, calm cafe named creativly "Zig Zag Cafe" for the PicoCAD jam!
Simple picoCAD model of a Georgian house
Just a cozy little house with a silo and a flower bed. Made in Pico CAD
my first model with PicoCad :)
submission for picoCAD jam, with shape limitations
build village in sky with low polygon (make for picoCAD jam)
a entry for the picoCAD jam
Decrepit mausoleum for picoCAD jam.
I made the Capitol from the TV Show Doctor Who. It's the main city of the planet Gallifrey.
A small café in the corner of a big city
This is a work for picoCAD Jam submission.
submission for jam
Not sure if a tent qualifies as a building but figured I'd give it a shot anyway.
You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
My submission to picoCAD Jam, a barn and very low poly cow.
A thing for the PicoCAD Jam, kindof a mess but i'm happy with it.
Made for the PicoCAD Jam
My first low poly model!
A simplistic crane for picoCAD Jam
Stave Church built in picoCAD
Bobby yoggy for the #picoCAD Jam
this is not nearly finished but here it is
My submission for the picoCAD Jam.
A 3D model of a mansion a made for the Pico CAD game jam.
I didn't get time to finish and texture :(
This is my submission for the picoCAD jam!