This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-10-17 01:00:00 to 2019-11-01 05:00:00. View results


There will now be prizes for the first place in the overall category and the first place in the theme category. Both prizes will be philosophical games. Which games will be prizes is TBD.

The jam's end date has been moved back one day so that it fits better with the Ethics and Technology Bazaar.


Artificial intelligence, cloning, ectogenesis, big data, etc!

Make a game about ethics and technology for this special game jam. The Ethics and Technology Jam is being run in conjunction with the 1st Annual Ethics and Technology Bazaar to be held at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln from October 31st through November 2nd.

Here are some links for info on the conference and bazaar: 

Facebook Page/Call for Papers


Last Jam

Check out the last jam here: Games from this jam and the last one will be compiled on


Judging will  be done by the public. This is for two reasons. First, it increases the chances that everyone gets enough feedback. Second, it will help to generate publicity for future iterations of the game jam.

Each game will be judged on 5 criteria.

  • Overall
    • How is the game overall?
  • Theme
    • How well does the game incorporate ethics and technology? (This will be decided by the hosts)
  • Engaging
    • Did the game draw you in? A game can be engaging because it is fun or enjoyable or instead because it is unpleasant in just the right kind of way. This criterion is not labeled as "fun" because a philosophy game may aim to be unpleasant as part of its philosophical lesson.
  • Graphics
    • How well do the game's graphics support the game?
  • Sound
    • How well do the game's sound track and sfx support the game?
  • Cohesion
    • How well do all of the parts come together to make the game a cohesive piece of art

There will be prizes for 1st place in the overall category and 1st place in the theme category. If these are the same team/person, then second place in the theme category will get that prize. The prizes will be keys for philosophical games that have not been chosen yet. The host for the jam will not be eligible for the prizes.


  1. You may use assets that were created outside of the jam time
    1. For any assets you do use, they must be freely available and credit must be given to the original creator.
  2. Games should be about both ethics and technology
  3. Your game must be freely available during the judging period
  4. Games should be made during the jam time
    1. The fun of a game jam is rushing to make a game alongside everyone else
    2. There is no easy way to judge this, so be reasonable
      1. But, your game may be removed if it is not made under jam conditions
      2. However, if I like your game, then I might still share it
  5. Teams are allowed

Social Media

There is a discord server available for chatting with other participants and finding others to work with. The link is: PhilosophyGameJam Discord Server. Also, follow @philgamejam on twitter. Tweets about the jam can use the hashtag #PhilosophyGameJam.

If you're looking for a team, check out the following spreadsheet:

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Made for the Philosophy Game Jam #2
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You have invented an immortality pill
Interactive Fiction
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A.I. Research Sim
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