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The One Page RPG Jam returns for its fifth year running. This jam is about making new, one-page table-top role-playing games. 

Entire rule-lite roleplaying systems and settings on single sheets of paper. One-page RPGs are easy to pick up and learn, but that doesn't mean there can't be emergent complexity or that they can't result in excellent games. Restriction breeds creativity, the only limit is the imagination of the designers and the players.

  1. Submissions must be a fully playable RPG system on a single page. (Back pages and separate character sheets are allowed.)
  2. Submissions must be made during the jam period specifically for the jam. No old games reposted. 
  3. Hacks of other systems are fine (Laser and Feelings, and Honey Heist are popular examples) but be sure to credit where necessary.
  4. Multiple submissions are encouraged!
  5. Games can be released as free, PWYW, or with a price tag. If you're charging for the game, please send me a copy so I can review for content which breaks the rules, and consider adding community copies.
  6. Label explicit or graphic content. Consider using or referencing safety tools, such as the X card.
  7. No hate speech or bigotry. Nothing that breaks ToS or local law. Be cool.

Also check out the F.A.Q in the Community tab.

Join the jam Discord server and come together to discuss your games, ask questions about the jam, and find out more about one-page RPGs. The server is open to everyone interested in TTRPGs in general and one-page RPGs specifically, even if you're not sure you'll be submitting to the jam.

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You can also follow the jam on X (Twitter)Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to share your submissions with the social media accounts. Also remember to use the hashtag #1pRPGjam

There is also the One Page RPG subreddit with lots more information on, and examples of, one-page RPGs, so check out /r/onepagerpgs. Be sure to post your submissions there too.

Visit the Community tab for a list of some resources for making TTRPGs (and feel free to comment and share your own) as well as some popular one-page RPGs to hack. For more examples of one-page RPGs, check out the submissions to last year's One-Page RPG Jam and get inspired.

This year the optional theme is Transport!

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A one-page Solo RPG about a special reunion in nature
A furry-themed, music-making, one-page TTRPG
deliver packages through time
A one-page coop-unist RPG (republic playing game)
Mini-game macabramente caótico y gracioso basado en una experiencia de juego
Narrative Game for 2 players about an era-spanning conflict and hatred.
All-in-one space-opera(ting), lucky 7-sided die driven TTRPG
A game of teen monsters discovering who they are
A Last Minute One-Page Presidential Campaign
A journaling rpg about surviving a lonely apocalypse.
A One Page Horror Farming Sim!
Space Uber Nerds Firing Lasers and Roasting Enemies!
Give me cargo, or give me death
A speech-based RPG with an emphasis on debate and good argumentation.
A one-page solo pen-and-paper dungeon crawl
A small tabletop game (hack) about going against monsters.
An insight on how lucky we are
A loving tribute to Lasers & Feelings — with more toner
one page horror ttrpg about turkeys on a rampage
A single page rpg about catching fish
horror games
Cyber hack for Moments 1 page game
A ventriloquism-themed solo TTRPG
DIY gritty, funny and therapeutical card and board game which is also a TTRPG. Fun for parties!🥳
Modern crusties travel back to a fantasy setting in this cassette case TTRPG
A skaters vs. aliens TTRPG that fits inside a cassette case
DIY daredevil debile chaotic Czech transportation-related TTRPG (unfortunately truthful) 😡.
A one-page RPG with mystery and murder!
A generic RPG system using the sky.
A GM-free RPG for any number of players, where you play as psychic-powered test subjects on the run.
A solo rules-lite one-page TTRPG about fruit pies and moist cakes
A tabletop racing game for any number of players
Navigate the post-apocalyptic wastelands and find your way home in this single-player one-page RPG!
A nonsense one-page RPG system